Tina Turner – Kronen Zeitung magazine – 2009

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Here is an Austrian promo newspaper from 2009 promoting Tina’s Live in Concert Tour!

7 Replies to “Tina Turner – Kronen Zeitung magazine – 2009”

  1. this is a hot pic of Tina, she has always been so expressive in her performances, that is what i luv about her. There’s only one Tina for sure.


    1. I can only agree with you!! I remember the concert on Feb. 7th in Vienna That was the first night she was here and the very first time I saw her in concert! I can’t even discribe the feeling!!
      After the show they handed these magazines out!!


  2. She is always special indeed!
    i remember the first time i heard a song from her, i was overwhelmed!
    So i kinda stole my friends record …….
    and that is now 27 years ago ………. and yes , i still have the record 🙂
    and NO , he is not getting it back ………


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