Tina Turner – Kronen Zeitung magazine – 2009

Here is an Austrian promo newspaper from 2009 promoting Tina’s Live in Concert Tour!



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7 responses to “Tina Turner – Kronen Zeitung magazine – 2009

  1. mark

    this is a hot pic of Tina, she has always been so expressive in her performances, that is what i luv about her. There’s only one Tina for sure.

    • Daniel

      I can only agree with you!! I remember the concert on Feb. 7th in Vienna That was the first night she was here and the very first time I saw her in concert! I can’t even discribe the feeling!!
      After the show they handed these magazines out!!

  2. That’s great! Nobody forgets the first time they see Tina. Although everytime you see this woman is special, the first time is even more!

  3. Sidlovestina

    She is always special indeed!
    i remember the first time i heard a song from her, i was overwhelmed!
    So i kinda stole my friends record …….
    and that is now 27 years ago ………. and yes , i still have the record 🙂
    and NO , he is not getting it back ………

  4. My first album was Simply the Best too, but I really became a fan when I saw the Foreign Affair concert from Barcelona on tv!

  5. Sidlovestina

    Private Dancer offcourse 🙂
    BUT FA is my fav album -)

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