She still has legs!

In her 70s, Tina Turner still rocks in Hane’s Hosiery’s Sexy Legs Survey

Tina Turner, the septuagenarian rock legend still has the legs to dance her way to the top – once again being named the celebrity with the sexiest gams. The Private Dancer singer edged out actress Jennifer Aniston and singer Beyonce Knowles in the Sexy Celebrity Legs Survey sponsored by Hanes Hosiery, the top-selling sheer hosiery manufacturer in America.

Turner first topped the sexiest legs survey in 1997, three years after Hanes Hosiery initiated it. The voting for candidates in the latest survey, conducted online in December by Harris Interactive, was close. The results included:

  • Tina Turner, 18 percent of the vote
  • Jennifer Aniston, 17 percent.
  • Beyonce Knowles, 16 percent
  • Country music star Taylor Swift, 7 percent.
  • Tennis star Maria Sharapova, 6 percent.
  • Pop music sensation Lady Gaga, 2 percent.

Voting varies by gender and age

While Tina Turner still reigns overall, men and women don’t see eye to eye on legs, according to the survey. Beyonce is tops for men, with 19 percent giving her the leg up, but 25 percent of women voted Turner’s legs sexiest. Aniston was runner-up for both men and women.

Beyonce topped the list of younger adults (ages 18 to 34) with 22 percent of the vote, whereas 24 percent of older adults (ages 55+) gave the nod to Turner. Again, Aniston was runner-up for both age groups.

Link to the press release.



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7 responses to “She still has legs!

  1. Anja

    I shared it with the Grammy page… hope it is ok! 😉

  2. The more you share the better! Thank you Anja!

  3. chantel

    People say today that her legs are fake please say this is not true if she has no legs so what I still love and will want to see her without her legs

  4. Ariane

    I love Tina Turner… Her songs are perfect… for sex…
    She has a so sexy voice….

  5. Frank James

    She was endowed with such an asset. At 75 she still competes favorably with the contemporary stars.

  6. amazing legs.
    amazing voice.
    amazing WOMAN.

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