Tina Turner Fan of the Month: Dave

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Today, we are starting our Tina Turner ‘Fan of the Month’ series; and our first post is about our good friend Dave.

Name: Dave

Hometown: Zwolle, The Netherlands

Tina fan since: 1982

Favourite Tina song: Let’s Stay Together

Favourite Tina album: Foreign Affair

Favourite Tina tour: Wildest Dreams

Number of Tina concerts: approx. 170 

Dave is 41 years old and he lives in Zwolle, The Netherlands. He is working at the ice cream shop  Talamani (with one of the best terraces of Holland). Dave has been a Tina fan since 1982. The first song that really turned him into a Tina fan was Let’s Stay Together. Because, according to him, it’s a very powerful song and Tina’s voice is “enormous, rough and beautiful!”.

We asked Dave a few questions about his Tina Turner passion.

What is your favorite Tina song? 

“Let’s Stay Together.”

What is your favorite Tina album ? 

“Foreign Affair. There are so many beautiful songs on it!”

What is your favorite Tina Tour?

“Wildest Dreams, the opening of the show is the best one ever!”

How did you discover Tina?

“I was sitting in front of the TV watching Top Pop, a Dutch musical tv show and Tina was there. She was performing Let’s Stay Together and I asked my mother ‘Who is she?’. My mother replied that when I was a very young kid, I used to sit in a box and sing ‘Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ on the river’.

What do you think was the reason you were first attracted to Tina?

“The voice.”

What is the craziest thing you did for Tina?

“I flew from Holland to Australia in 1993 for two and a half day, just to see Tina performing at the Rugby League.”

If you could ask Tina one question, what would you ask?

“I wouldn’t ask a question but I would thank her for all those amazing years and for meeting some beautiful people around the world.”

How many Tina concerts did you go to?

“Approximately 170: 3 during the Break Every Rule tour in 1987, 6 times during the Foreign Affair tour in 1990, 42 during the Wildest Dreams tour in 1996/1997, 46 during the Twenty Four Seven tour in 2000 and 61 during her 50th Anniversary tour in 2008/2009. And then some TV shows, the concerts she did with Eros Ramazzotti, etc.”

Any story or  anecdote related to Tina you would like to share?

 “When I went to Dallas during the Twenty Four Seven tour, I met Clare (one of Tina’s dancers) in a shop and we started talking. Later on that tour, when I was in Gothenburg, Sweden, I saw her again and we had breakfast together and spend some really nice time talking. Also in 2008, I took a plane from Atlanta to Toronto during the last tour, and it turned out that I was on the same plane as Tina’s band members. Fortunately, I had 2 tourbooks with me and they all signed them: one for me and one for Sjef!” (Thank you Dave!)

Dave with Tina’s dancer Clare in 2000

What is your favourite Tina moment?

“During the Wildest Dreams Tour, when I had the chance, several times, to sing Nutbush with her!”

Ever get tired of Tina?

“Almost never!”

Do you ever get strange reactions from other people because you are such a big Tina fan?

“Not really, people are used to it by now. But when they say ‘Why do you go to see her so often, isn’t it the same concert all the time?’, I just answer ‘Well, don’t you have sex with the same person all the time?!'”

What other music do you like?

“At the moment, Grace Jones. I went to see her 25 times over the past two years.”

Will Tina ever tour again?



15 Replies to “Tina Turner Fan of the Month: Dave”

  1. in the summer we must go and eat an ice cream there…….. it was closed last time i was there 😉
    but we had nice dinner somewhere else though 😉
    and the 170 number is still amazing!


  2. 1. great idear with that fan of the month serie!!!!!
    2. thanks dave for your answers:) it is wonderful to read about another fan what he thinks and done for tina,with tina,and and and…


  3. My name is Cheryl Waldmer.
    It is my dream to get to meet Tina turner.
    I love her with all my heart.
    Loving her for the woman that she is .
    I am disabled and my life has taken many changes and The one person that stands out as a winner is Tina turner .
    Like I would be so honored to please meet Tina turner.
    No matter what I would have to do ,It is my dream.


  4. OMG! I love this answer to a stupid question:
    ‘Why do you go to see her so often, isn’t it the same concert all the time?’, I just answer ’Well, don’t you have sex with the same person all the time?!’”


  5. What an excellent idea to find out about the fans that we have all come to know over the years! Keep the good work up with the blog, your both doing a great job guys!


  6. I’m sure today Ann is singing simply the best to God & God’s unsure if her greatest song is about him or her. Blessings to her family.


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