March 16, 2009: Tina performs in Paris, France

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Tina Turner - live in Paris, France - March 17, 2009

On March 16 2009, Tina Turner opened a series of concerts in Paris Bercy as part of her “50th Anniversary” Tour. She did 3 sold out shows there that year. Last concert in the French capitale happened during the Twenty Four Seven Tour in 2000 at the Stade de France. In 1996, she packed the arena for an astonishing 6 times during the massive Wildest Dreams Tour. Continue reading for more photos.

Tina Turner - Paris 2009 - ticket

5 Replies to “March 16, 2009: Tina performs in Paris, France”

  1. Was surprised she only did 3 shows in France and I believe the 3rd show wasn’t even sold out. Always thought she was more popular in France.


    1. I never really understood why after 1996 she hardly did any concerts in Southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain), while I think on the Wildest Dreams tour and especially the Foreign Affair tour she did a lot of concerts there and was succesful.


  2. Well guys I was just reading your comments, if you listened closely to Tina’s interview with Oprah, she made it very clear that she was tired of singing and performing. I could tell by the way she looked, her energy level and her voice that she was ready to give it up. Even though her concerts were great, Tina fans love her no matter what, she really didn’t want to do this tour. She said herself that she didn’t even prepare this time and she has always been a perfectionist. So, it’s not surprising to me that she didn’t perform in a lot of places that she did in the past. I have seen her live many times over the years and she gave her all and you wanted more. Many years of that, you would be burned out too. We miss you Tina, enjoy your retirement.


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