March 21, 2009: TINA in Arnhem, The Netherlands

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A very special post today! Two years ago on this day, Tina Turner opened a series of concerts (March 21 and 22 and May 2) at the GelreDome in Arnhem, The Netherlands. 

The shows were the biggest during Tina’s 50th anniversary tour, with approximately 33,000 fans in the stadium each night.

Together with the concert in Prague, these were the only concerts with a standing audience. For this reason, the show was recorded for the dvd of the tour, but it was special also for a lot of other reasons.

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Report written by Ben, March 2009

Friday, March 20 2009

Woke up at 8h Friday morning, sun was shining, I had a really good sleep, my mother had prepared the best breakfast ever and also cooked a chocolate cake for my journey. The only bad thing was that skin problem I have since last Thursday, it’s really painful especially around the eyes. So everything was going on well except for that. I left home around 10am to travel to Amsterdam and meet Sjef there. Had a nice drive and I arrived there at 16h but got lost and he took me almost an hour to find the street where he lived…but finally I found it ! We went shopping for some food and drinks for our 2 days queuing. The weather was no longer warm and there were a lot of wind. I bought the “Platinium Collection” because it’s not available in France (for the moment?) and we went to have a few drinks, went to a pizzaria and then went for a boatrip on the river of Amsterdam. We went back to Sjef’s flat and watched ” Tina,The Live Collection”. Then we went to bed around 00H30 , we needed a rest before the Big Weekend !!

Saturday, March 21st 2009

We woke up at 6H45, I was feeling really tired and was already anxious about how things were going to happen !! We prepared our stuff and left the appartement at 7H30. There is only 1h hour drive between Amsterdam and Arnhem so it’s been a short drive but a nice one ! We listened to some Tina music and arrived in Arhnem. We found the GelreDome without many difficulties and then started…

The Waiting

The entrance we were suppose to stay was in the dark part of the stadium… the sun was shining on the other side so we had to wait until midday for having sun on our side.When we arrived at 8H30 there was already 2 guys there and Cindy so we were really in the first which was cool !-). But after one hour there i was already really cold, i was getting really nervous about how close to stage we would be, my eyes were hurting, well fortunately Sjef was there to make the waiting less boring and stressful. I think i smoke something like 40 cigarettes during the whole waiting. We went from time to time to McDo to get some coffee and for a walk under the sun ! Some people kept arriving for queuing. Samuel and his sister ( Tina!) arrived , Marcin came also, Dave came to say hello and had a little chat, as well Marco too, Annemie was there but like me very nervous. What happened with the deluxe tickets is really a shame and i hope for those who got some that they’ll have something in return.Well i’ve met a lot of new people, that aren’t all on the forum but who are as crazy about Tina as we are. There was Myriam who went to her first Tina concert when she was 19 and it was ” Live in Maassport/ Den Bosch 84 “, the recorded concert. Some others had seen Tina several times over the years and it was nice to listen to older person talking about Tina and their experiences with her. Marco brought some beers from Anja, it was really kind of her, it’s nice to see people thinking about the others. It’s a shame we didn’t talk that much, bit my fault, i wasn’t really in a good mood. So finally after hours and hours of waiting…it’s 5 o clock ! Sjef and i are ready, ticket in our hand. I thought i was going to pee on me, i haven’t been that nervous since my last big exam. Times passes, still no gate opening but the security staff is ready, the Ticketmaster people are ready, people are singing, clapping, pushing…There is a guy from the production with a camera , filming people at the entrance, some of them are singing, some are clapping and shouting.It’s nice to see people in a mood like that. The guy filmed Sjef ticket ^^ 17h30 : the gates were supposed to be open at that time…17H35….nothing, i am going to have a heart attack…17h40…..nothing, the wind is getting stronger and colder…17H45….



First, the security. Sjef and i had no bag, just bottle of orange juice and cookies so the check has been very very quick. Second, the TicketMaster people. The people were supposed to scan our tickets. They were several person checking the ticket but i went to the only blonde one…..she couldn’t scan my ticket, and the others ticket too…so a guy came to take my ticket, put his arm in front of me to keep me from going inside…i was so furious, in rage so i let my ticket in his hand, went under his arm and ran !! I enter the concert hall……there is already a lot of people in the Golden Circle….i can’t believe it but i keep running…2 meters later, security people : ” DON’T RUN” and they just go in front of you to slow you down…2 meters later…again ” DON’T RUN”…2 meters…..and like that until you can reach the Golden Circle ….This is so annoying, i saw Sjef running so i just told them “F**k You” and i ran. At the entrance of the Golden Circle, there is again people that tells you to slow down… I observe the stage and i run to the middle section, weirdly in front on Tina there is almost nobody, just front row people so Sjef and i just stick ourselves there and we were just next to guy who holds the microphone to Tina…never been that close of the stage. It seems to be much higher than usual, there are also catwalk on each side of the stage, for the filming. 4 huge camera videos are hanging by huge arm ( like in Wembley Dvd ). There is 4 extra screens in the back of the arena. There is a lot of agitation from the technicians and others staff. I am really happy by my emplacement but feel completely exhausted. It was only 17H55 and we had again 2 hours to wait inside, standing….There was several group of people around us and they were talking very loudly , making lot of noise, drinking beers. They were really annoying and they had access to the front row just because they saw the woman that gives those specials wristband for enthusiastic people…So i wasn’t really in the mood of enjoying their presence.And as if it wasn’t painful enough, we had an ” Opening Act” : DJ Orlando….He wasn’t on Tina’s stage of course but on small one on the left with mixing turntables. The sound was awful, the songs were bad and he tried to entertain a bit the audience but didn’t much succeed. However the Dutch people were very exited by one song at the end which is kind of “typical Dutch party song”. The “pre-show” ended at 18H45 i think and then they played the usual songs in the background. Sjef and i were waiting for Sledghammer to start as it announces the beginning of the show. Songs…i’am really tired and i am now having a headache….songs…songs and then 19H30 !! Showtime but no Tina.

19H50 : GET BACK

And There She is Is !!! Only a few meters away..Still the lights on her, but from where is stand i can see the Black outfit. The audience is wild, people are jumping and screaming, Tina is obviously surprised by the reaction of the audience. She is on FIRE ! I am jumping, i am shouting, i am afraid i won’t see the whole concert…The cameramen are here, but they are only filming Tina. A guy in front of us, film the audience after every song but that doesn’t appear on the screen behind Tina. There are some huge cameras hidden behind the stairs each side. There is a photographer that takes close-up shots from certain people in the audience. A lot of people are also recording Tina with their cameras and phones…Tina is in an excellent mood and in top form really. It’s like she was finally back for good. She is made for huge audience. That’s her drug, her stamina…and she knew that Holland would welcome her as usual…triumphaly ! Live in Amsterdam, Maasport…are perfect exemple of this great public ! During ” What You Get is What You See” , she actually spoke the ” That’s you…That’s you ” part. She usually mimic the words but for once, she said them. At the beginning of ” River Deep”, the entier public was singing with Tina, it happened several times during the concert ( Let’s Stay Together, Proud Mary, Help..) “Acid Queen” was perfect as always. An idiot behind us kept shouting ” Are you doin'” ( with Joey accent in Friends) between every song, it was really boring and stupid. “What’s Love ” was fun because she enjoyed it a lot. She messed up on some lines but nothing bad. The singing along part was excellent. Cameras were on us during the men part…we’ll see if it ends up on the dvd or not…During ” We Don’t Need Another Hero” , just like most of time, she spoke the ” What do we do with our lives” line and she was bigger than Life in her Mad Max costume, the audience was really mad at that point ! But fortunately , it was time for


My mouth was so dry…my grey Tina t-shirt was almost wet and that headache was still pumping in my head and my eyes were hurting more than ever ! Thanks to Sjef clever ideas (^^) we had those small bottle of apple juice and i was really glad to have one of them. I could have drink 100’s of bottle of Coke but we had to do with what we had ! Annelies, a Belgian fan that queued we us all day ( Hello if you read this !!) and from who i bought tickets for Antwerp gave me some “energizing gum” and i don’t know if it’s psychologic or something but it made me feel a bit better. There was only 5 min left before the beginning of ” I don’t Wanna Fight” and the screen was still up. Then when it was the moment for it, there was still nothing. After 10 min the video was finally on the screen and after, it took almost 5 minutes before the beginning of the

Second Part

She is wearing the Silver outfit. “Help” is really good, the ending is perfect. The whole acoustic part is such a highlight of the show. It was as if the time had stopped, the audience was really transported. And then started JJF/IORL , my god, my back was almost destroyed, my legs were hurting…A lot of people collapsed during the concert, staying in the cold all day long and then being in such a crowded and hot place, is far from being a safe thing…especially 2 days in a row…anyway….”Goldeneye” is on. She is good, better than previous shows, but she missed the next to the last note. She is on fire, sweating, singing with every part of her body during “Addicted To Love”. No time for breathing or relax, ” The Best” is already resonating in the entier arena. People are jumping and clapping. Here comes the “Legs Part” with the girls. Sjef and i look at each other like “here she go again” and then … was different, never saw her doing that before !!!! Tina and the girls were facing each others back and did the legs mouvements on the other way (vertical instead of horizontal if it’s clearer…). After ” The Best” and a lots of applauses and screaming, she finally told us , the reasons why they were recorded the dvd here. Tina said : ” As you know this concert is being filmed and it was my personal request because i remember that Holland has always been very supportive and I’ve always enjoyed performing here” ( that’s approximately what she said) and the public went completely nuts !!! After that she introduced ” The Band”.” On the drum Jack Bruno !!! Jackoo!! He usually tours with other artists but he belongs to me !!”. She skipped John Milles as usual but it’s on purpose. But what she did forget was to introduce Lisa and Stacy. I think some people shout ” Backing Vocals” and after a little hesitation she said ” I haven’t forget, i just skipped !” which was really funny. Introducing the Ninjas, they did their usual demonstrations and Tina’s facial and body expressions were priceless !!! I really hope it has been recorded, it’s so much fun!! She’s acting like a little girl, scared that they hurt themself or pretending to be but still excellent to see !!! Back to work, “Proud Mary” is on. She is the best performer ever. !! After “Proud Mary” we can have a rest but I am torn between Tina and my desire to go far away from all this. But when “Nutbush” is exploding from the stage, i just think that i could stay here for hours ! My headache is almost gone. When she is on the arm , after the walk on it, she was just standing above us, she almost sat down ! The audience response is overwhelming. Time for ” Be Tender” . Before she starts the song Tina tells the audience ” I can only say Wow ….. She is getting really emotional and you can feel that she gives everything she has and that she is now tired ! She performed the song with all the energy she had left, and it was absolutely stunning! Time to leave the stage, the audience is crazy. Tina receives the public applauses and takes her time before leaving the stage. She’s gone…the first concert is over ! and now i just want to go out and go to bed. Before leaving, Sjef and i are going to meet his mother and sister, it was nice meeting them.I really need to smoke ! There ‘s a lot of people going out so we are moving very slowly which annoys me a lot !! Finally some fresh aire. Time to go back to the car and to drive to the hotel….but before that, we had to FIND the way to the hotel…we left at 23H and arrived at the hotel at 00H15….we had some trouble finding our road so to speak……………….Finally the nice Mercure hotel is almost in front of us except that there’s 2 cars in front of us and the the opening barrier is not working…I am gonna kill somebody!! I think that Sjef is now scared of me…So another 15 min to wait…Then the check-in : the credit card monitor wasn’t working and we couldn’t go to bed without paying…after some manipulations, it finally worked and we could have access to our bedroom, with a card to open the bedroom that wasn’t working….back to the lobby….the guy comes to open…Time for a shower !! I am looking for my toilet bag …’s still in the car….I swear i almost cry…back to the car…to the cold…get the bag and finally enjoyed what i think was the best shower of my life. I went to bed after it, head full of images, of mixed feelings, i am so tired but i can’t sleep. I think again of the show to find sleep, and i realize how lucky i was to have experienced that concert. How amazing she was and how proud i am of what she is still able to do. I really have the deepest respect for that woman. She truly deserves the title of Living Legend…I am falling asleep, it’s going to be a short night …

Sunday, March 22nd 2009

7:00: At first i thought, ” Where am I” ?? Oh Yeah Tina’s concert…It’s Sunday morning, tonight it will be my fourth Tina concert in a Week…I wasn’t totally recovered from Paris ( each concert is a trauma really) and i think that if Sjef hadn’t turn on the light from his bed, i’ld still be in that bed…It was soooo warm and so clean and so good and ahhh i’ll never forget this bed, it will remains in my memory for ever… i really didn’t wanted to get up….But then a little Sophia Loren imitation voice came into my mind :

” So Tina when are you gonna be back to work?”

” Welllllll you know, i wanted a rest…”

“So you had a rressst !”

That was it, it has been 8 years !!! 8 years and how many Sunday spend in bed until 12H !!! How many hours spend on “the site” reading stuff in 8 damm years !! i really had to do an effort !!! So while Sjef was preparing in the bathroom, i just dressed up in the bedroom, trying to look good, that’s not always easy (hard to believe huh) and i was in a good mood, i really wanted to enjoy this day. I thought i’ld try to behave for a change and to speak to the other people, just trying to be nice. My english isn’t perfect and it’s sometimes embarasing but i just have to see Sjef’s look to know that I am not clear ! But first i needed a cigarette…i know , i know, it’s bad ! But i don’t care, smoking is like my second passion…anyway, i went out to smoke and then….Wind….THE cold winter wind …you know the one that never stop…the frozen one..i just hoped it was temporary.The sky was changing and i felt ( i know it’s stupid but i am having an introspection right now) like in the Lord of the Ring, you know with the wind, and the weird sky..anyway… yesterday when we had some sun, it was really nice so i was hoping for some in the afternoon. My marvellous first cigarette was already over but, already frozen, i went back to the lobby( it was a very nice place to sit), and had a look to the local newspaper. There was only a small article about last night show. I was a bit disappointed but well , i thought there would be some interesting stuff somewhere else. Sjef joined me (he was clean now) for the breakfast….humm breakfaaaaat….croissants , pains au chocolat, café, confiture, jus d’orange frais…everything was Exellent ( Smithers). I was a bit in a hurry to go, i really wanted to be again on that same spot this night. Second row in the middle , is something that i’ve never experienced before with Tina. So , dvd or not, i just wanted to really really enjoy the show this time from that point of view ! I knew that first row would be impossible so i wasn’t going to be standing farer than row 2 !!! We checked out, went back to the car, and found our way back quicker than yesterday….so to speak…^^We arrived at the Gelre(thunder)Dome at 8H45 ( i am really not sure about the time ) And then we met the Parking Guy ! Oh my that’s a funny one…You know we have to pay 10euros for all day parking,and yesterday we could park next to the entrance but this morning, the guy said “no, no you can’t today”, i just said ” well ok, were am i supposed to go to”, and then he said something like ” up on the hill” and was like ….”ok, what hill is he talking about?” so i said to Sjef, go to the Entrance and i park the car. So i park next to 2 women that were also getting out of their car , mother and daughter, and the Parking Guy come to me and says “no no, you can’t park here.” “andddd whyyyy plizzzzzz” ( i’ld put an icone of “ice” if i could here),”you have to park over there”, didn’t wanted to arguy, it was too early.So back to car….i park “overthere” …i walk to the entrance to join Sjef…and then…i turn…and what do i see…on his yellow scooter….chasing me ..Parking Guy. The place i parked wasn’t the right one….(nam myoho renge kio), moving the car again, following Parking Guy and his yellow scooter with my car… had a good laugh. Finally car was parked and i went to join the others. And that was the official beginning of

The Waiting (Part 2)

( amazing how many things happens before 8.45 in the morning)

Two guys from Holland ( 2 days with them and i don’t even know their name , i am definitely a looser) that were already there yesterday morning were seating in their chairs ( that would end up being abandon as well as 1 blanket that safe my life ). And there was us. And the woman ( from ze “Marie-Clair”) and her mother. And the wind. So we tried to entertain ourself with Sjef by doing what every fan do ( no, no ) : singing Tina’s songs ! ” Crazy in the Night” was Sjef’s favorite yesterday , mine was humm hard to say probably ” Difference Between Us” just to annoyed him ! It’s so funny to sing the “crappy” songs like “Baby i am Star” , “Great Spirits”, “Falling” ( sorry for those who love them it’s just that sometimes Tina’s voice sounds very funny or imitating Tina’s voice is funny. Later on, came Jessica and her boyfriend. She is an old friend of Sjef ( she used to take him to swimming pool when he was a small boy, she’s like 13 years older than him..and she told me …that….Sjef…was doing….. Tina choreographies when he was 10 on the diving board in a cute little swimsuit !!! ( Don’t blame me Sjef, that’s just too cute !). He is very private, he does live a bit like Tina, far from everything, eating passsstaaa, watching 24….anyway…Jessica is really cool, i had a good time with her and her boyfriend, she is very friendly and it was cool having her with us. She told me that Cindy , (Belgian blond girl who is on Wembley dvd with a red bandana between 2 guys, you know who i am talking about !-)) collapsed yesterday during Nutbush. I felt really sorry for her because she’s very nice and i was dissapointed for her and The Deluxe Ticket Debacle from yesterday. So i thought i’ll go and see her later today when she’ll be queuing at her entrance. Dave arrived later…Dave, i know some of you heard a lot about him but doesn’t know really who he is. He could enter the Guiness Book of Record as The Man who made more than ” 300 Tina Turner concert in his Life” and it’s not joke. But he is also a very kind and generous guy. ( i hope he won’t read this ass lickin part). And as we were staying at the same hotel, we arranged a meeting after the concert. He came with his friend Myriam ( remember part 1 ?). A group of young Bulgare arrived , 2 girls and 1 guy , they asked us some questions about the show…they were nice and very enthusiastic. So the morning, went on, it was ok, except for the wind that was becoming cold. Marcin arrived later, it was really nice meeting him, he is a fun guy ( except that he posesses a secret item that no one is allowed to see ). Jessica tried to warm me up with her arms in my back, that was cool. Marco came, and he’s cool, getting older he gets better ! Mary George ( she is on the forum) joined us also today. From Romania, first Tina concert last night, she was exited by all of this. There were some other fans with very , how to say that properly, with…nice Tina clothes ….so to speak….won’t extend myself on this…People were still coming but it wasn’t as crowded as yesterday at that time. Well i am not complaining, we had space. At one point the cold was getting so hard that i took the blanket we used to sit on and put it on my shoulder and the up part of my body. I sat down against the gate completely recovered by the blanket , closed my eyes, and imagined that i was somewhere else, under the sun, with a nice glass of whiskey, and a cigarette…( i told my mum i was going to quit smoking and i was supposed to start last Wendesday..). After 20 min, was back was bruised by this position ! My god it has been for me the coldest day on Earth in think ! So i thought i ‘ld better move a bit…so i stood up, did a little ” Acid Queen ” entrance imitation with blanket ( …) and went to see Cindy, Annemie, Anja, Ingrid, Marco…i mean The Deluxe Ticket Clan…really no nastiness in my sentence. And i can tell you one thing ! Even with Deluxe tickets , poor them, they were in the same stress situation than us. It’s really bad what happened, i mean i don’t care being second row if it’s behind a true Tina fan and especially if i know him/her. Some people got there first because they had connections with management or something…Some people were there first because a woman saw them and thought they would look nice front row on the dvd !!! They Don’t care if there are FANS who bought expensives tickets, who aren’t supposed to queue but still does !Who haves to book a train, or plane, and an hotel and food and …it’s endeless… And that’s how you are rewarded, it’s really rude ! So to my dear old Deluxe Ticket Holder friends : Don’t Give up The Fight !!!!! ^^ Finally after a walk around the Stadium, i arrived at that “Notorious M” entrance were they were all seating.The Clan. Cindy was there, feeling better but not the best. She tried to preserve herself all day long for the concert…I wished her my best and she went to Mc Do after Annemie’s Return ! Annemie went back with sausage ( how strange) and weird sauce. Anja was there, she is shy in reality, and it’s hard to get to know the people when you are not waiting at the same entrance. We talked about the Tina Bag that the Deluxe Ticket holder received…waved goodbye, see you after the show. Went back to my entrance, it was almost 4.20. I could now feel the pressure growing…people were arriving from everywhere, it felt good but at the time time i knew that War was on her way. I went back to my emplacement by the left site of the waiting lane. Crossed over the barrier helped by an old couple , who were drinking Champagne. Funny to see them queuing the way they were dressing. I mean, no offence, they had style (that wasn’t the case for everybody unfortunately), but it was funny to see them in that situation, I went back in front of my small gate,put the blanket back on my shoulder ( did i mentione the wind? and the fact that i was dying from cold…), took my ticket in my bag, took the drinks and stand in front of the gate getting really exited !!! The Security guys were there and they looked nicer then yesterday, more friendly. The Tickebastard people arrived at that moment also. I recognize the blonde girl from yesterday ( the who who couldn’t scan my ticket). I tried to spit out on her but didn’t succeed ( just joking don’t worry).People were counting 10..9…8….7…6…5 bla bla bla My heart was pumping so fast, do i have the time for one last cigarette? Last one before the big Jump !People are singing again, yelling, clapping, i try to train my legs….and then


I start again by the body check ( favorite part of the wait) , less than one second, go the ticket girl but not the same one, start to run, “DON’T RUN” again people all th way to the Golden Circle , Sjef is running, i am mad : Golden Circle is full of people…We entered it, went to the middle behing a group of tall and fat girls. It was row 4. There was a huge space between those 2 girls and the first row so we asked them if they could go closer to the stage. I could hardly breath because of the running ( yeah smoking) and those girl said ” Calm Down, Breath, We arrived at 15.00 and we are relaxed…” JESUS CHRIST….I said something like they should be ashamed and that we didn’t had that chance and that we were waiting since 8h this morning, i was mad, and they looked at each other and said ” well just go in front of us !!” . Whouh, now row 2, i thanked the girls that was kind of her. So we were standing just behind Tina’s microphone, with a group of girl with Pink Wigs in front of us…Annliese was in front of us with her friend…Marygeorge was on my right, Cindy was next to her. Next to Sjef there was the 3 Roumanian people that arrived early in the morning. Behind us, there was 2 nice women, one used to be a dancer…So i was really happy to see all those people around us, much better than yesterday’s idiots. We started to chat a bit with the 3 girls wearing the pink wigs. They were nice, they asked some question about the show, people often ask questions when they discover that you are a fan. Especially since that Sjef and i were wearing the same Tina t-shirt ! We noticed that today, the long armed camera were no longer there…Strange when you want to record an audience….It’s hard to say if they filmed the audience on Saturday or Sunday…i think there gonna make a mix of both nights. World’s Best Opening Act , DJ Orlando was also back on the road…I was feeling good, i was more confident than yesterday, i was really happy to enjoy the warmess of the stadium. Finally the Ear Disaster is over. we are now waiting for Sledgehammer… I really love this song now ! I need to have that one on my Ipod next time i am going to jog, it really make the exitement growing !!! And so it finally arrived. Tina is a bit late. 4 Minutes…and then?…..and then!!!!!



She is there again, for the fourth time this week, here i am and there she is ^^There’s 2 cameraman in front of us but they filme the audience only very briefly. Everybody around me seems to have a good time. The 3 girls in front of me are CRAZY about the Ninja’s especially Philip and Justice. The Roumanian were enjoying it as well, so it was a nice way to start the concert and i felt i a great shape ! Tina was great, on FIRE AGAIN ! The band is excellent. WHAT DO WE DO WITH OUR LIFES !!!! She sang it !!! And she did it well !!!


And that’s when the fun began….I kept teasing the girls in front of me, telling them , they shoudn’t stay on the first row, that it was dangerous…we were just laughing with them and one said “if you want you can have my place for the last song…” “thanks but enjoy the show, this is your first time” And then her friend next to her : ” Oh no but take my place now” “…i don’t know what to say, i can’t ! ” ” Really, i prefer to be behind, don’t mind behind second row, you’re a fan” “well then YESS OF COURSE !!!” So here i was FIRST ROW, in Front of Tina !!!! God, i was overwheld i never experienced that before, i was really touching the barrier, and i was just in front of her…There was 7 min left and the screen for the intermission clip was already down. We thought it was strange but then ” I Don’t Wanna Fight Started” !! They begin the Second Part with 7 min in advance. She has never done that before. What’s going on? Are they late on schedule or Tina wants to go back now because she if really wants to give everything she musn’t stop for too long…Who knows? End of the clip. Curtain Open. She is so close! Her voice is so perfect, she looks terrific in that Silver outfit. I am so glad they choose this one for the Dvd. I am really enjoying every second of it. I feel like that’s it. After that it’s over so you better enjoy !! ” TINA ! 60th Anniversay Tour” won’t happen tomorrow….The show is exellent. It so cool to be here. A fight starts behind me, don’t know really the reason but it almost got bad with one the Pink Wig girl and a guy next to her…Security came to ease the spirits a bit. Goldeneye was a gem. She did her new routine for ” The Best”. During the introduction the girls next to me asked “what’s his name, the tall Black one?” ” Justice girls…” “JUSTIIIIICE JUSTIIIICEE WHOUHHHUUOUAA” They were screaming like crazy that was so funny. Tina said something to the Ninja’s like ” Welcome To Europe” or something like that. “And him???” “that’s Philip…” “PHILLLLIIIPP PHILIPPP WHOUAHAOUHA” It was nice , i think the guy’s liked it. The audience and the articles are not always very kinf with them so i felt good for them! Proud Mary was fun , because we could make Tina Moves on first row, those Historical Moves…!! That song, the smell of Freedom ( by the way it’s a song about a boat), it’s just a part of Tina. I can’t remember when but at one time i looked behind me and i saw all those ” Thank You” signs that Anja made and it felt really impressive. I am sure Tina liked it. Nutbush was fun. The arm was above my head and i couldn’t see Tina so i just looked at the big screen and joked with Solange. It was really cool. Stacy did some stuff too. Those 2 girls are really my fav. But i have the deepest respect for Lisa Fisher. Her performance on ” It’s Only Rock and Roll” is just breathtaking. She is hugely talented.


Before “Be Tender” she told the audience, as yesterday, ” what can i say but whoua” After her tremendous performance of the song, she received lots of applause !!! Some throw a a bouqet of White Roses and i think they were from David, the Italian fan. Tina took it on the stage, smiled, waved and leaved…And that was it. War was over. I just had to drive home tomorrow but i knew that i could now have a rest. I leaved Sjef, he was going back to Amsterdam by bus, they were departure in front of the Arena but a lot of people were waiting for the buses. We cried….no of course not ! We’ll talk to each other very soon and see us at the end of April in Antwerp !


I drove back to the Hotel, had a drink with Dave and Myriam, they were playing Tina dvd in the guest Rooms. Went to my bedroom, smoked on the Balcony, had a shower, went to bed . Woke Up at 8h, smoke on the Balcony, had a great breakfast. Drove back home. I listened  to Tina for the whole trip. Arrived home at That was one of the best and one of the worst weekend of my Life. And it’s now over !

Thanks for reading ( if anybody did and all the way to the end 🙂 )

A video from “De Gelderlander” with Steamy Windows and Typical Male :


16 Replies to “March 21, 2009: TINA in Arnhem, The Netherlands”

  1. This brought back so many memories! And I think thanks to facebook and forum that everybody’s English got so much better – at least mine did.
    Roll on 60th anniversary tour!

    Group hug! 🙂


  2. Thnx Ben.. long story but loved it! You really dont wanna know what tickets I got.. but third night arnhem.. driving through the night to catch a flight to London to see Tina in the O2 and not to forget to mention the last show in Sheffield eased the pain.. great memories and fantastic friendships with people all over the world! bisou!


  3. Thanks Ben for your entertaining review of the Arnhem-weekend. For a moment, it brought me right back to that place in time. What a show, what a stress, not to mention the cold weather…….. And yes, I was one of the lucky bastards to receive the special wristband from that lady from management (And I had to sing real hard for it, just to convince her) on the second day.
    I will never forget that weekend. Thanks for keeping that memory alive.


  4. I was only at the third show in May and we got the wristband for the “golden circle” (was that what it was called?) very easy. No singing at all, just asked and we got them 🙂
    I also have fond memories of the show in that venue. Finally a show like in the good old days. The atmosphere was so much better with everyone standing and dancing without having to worry that you ruin the view of the 80 year old sitting behind you 🙂


  5. What a great blog of the event. Wish I could have been there!!! I have watched teh Proud Mary video on youtube time and time again.

    Do you know who the dancer is with the short black hair to the right of Tina?

    I love the way she sings, moves and feeds off of tina’s fire!



    1. Glad you like the post. The name of the dancer is Clare Louise Turton, she also danced with Pink and Cher, among others. She has been performing with Tina since 1999. The whole concert is available on the 2009 dvd/cd release called ‘Tina Live’ in excellent quality: make sure you buy it, it’s worth it!


  6. Clare Turton was with Tina for 14 years, ending 2009!! We want to know the name of the short black hair dancer who replaced her in 2000. She previously danced on Top of the Pops. Why can’t we find her name???


  7. Loved your blog. Read the whole thing while watching the show on tv in the UK. Your writing made me feel like I was there with you guys. She really is an amazing woman

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    1. Thank you Gwenyth! Glad you enjoyed your evening with TINA and that this old long article still gets a bit of reading! 😅


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