Tina Turner – Twenty Four Seven Tour live photos – part 1

Our good friend Dave visited more than 40 concerts during Tina Turner’s  2000 Twenty Four Seven world tour. During these concerts, he took many photos, which will be shared on this blog over the next few weeks. In total, we will upload more than 200 photos, from various concerts in the United States and Europe. Today part 1!



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9 responses to “Tina Turner – Twenty Four Seven Tour live photos – part 1

  1. michael

    just wanna say big big thank you! special one for this work to put them online . thanks

  2. Sao

    Thanks for sharing, i love, love 24/7 era….. once again thanks =D


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  5. Dear Tina;
    You are my favorite musician, artist, and she-ro/hero!!!!! I Love You, All of your CD’s, Pictures (above), and Your Movie!!!! I am a Great Fan Of Yours!!!! Thank You for Sharing Your Blog With The World!!!!!
    Penny Renee Morgan-Morris

  6. I was fortune enough to see this incredible woman in first row center in seating. Words can’t describe the power this performer has!

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