TINA Live in Carré, Amsterdam (1979)

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36 years ago , Tina performed at the Carré theater in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as part of her second European solo-tour. Below some songs from this concert, that was broadcast on the radio, photos as well as a review from a Dutch music magazine, plus translation!

Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band (3:26)

The Woman I Am Supposed To Be (3:42)

Fever (2:11)

Night Time Is The Right Time (3:58)

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (2:49)

Translation of this, not very flattering and often incorrect, review. Published in Dutch music magazine Oor, May 1979

Viva La Money

Especially in the 1960’s, The Ike And Tina Turner revue, with their Ikettes,  were one of the most dynamic and visually atractive shows that ruled the international concert halls. The vulgar shows were a clever combination of stimulating singing, boiling music and attractive show elements. A mix, that brought audiences into ecstasy. Since some time, due to their seperation, Tina has to do it on her own, without the help of Ike and is trying to establish a solo carreer. The concert, that she gave for a frenzied audience in sold-out Carré theater in Amsterdam, gave the impression that she will succeed in that. The reason is not the sensational music, but the new found fervour with which she performs.

Show-wise, Tina left no stone unturned this evening. For a woman of over forty, she moved accross the stage very flexibly, singing, screaming and shrieking, with a wonderful effort and an inexhaustable stamina. She was assisted by two boys in tightly fitting spandex and two very yummy looking girls. That was the first mistake Tina made. The two girls, the female show element, looked much ‘hotter’ than Tina, and often distracted from the ‘Acid Queen’, who apparently had to cancel some of her weight watchers meetings due to her divorce from Ike. As a result, Tina gained quite some pounds. As a true exhibitionist, she wasn’t ashamed to show this off. All three of her outfits, left little to the imagination. The most eye-catching was a gold-colored, tight-fitting and sweat-soaked pair of pants combined with a small tiger-print blouse. An outfit that triggered a cheerful concert-goer to shout: ‘Mama, I love you and I’m here!’. After the intermission, Tina slipped from one glitter outfit into the other. All of these costume changes, and Tina’s tight band, however, couldn’t hide Tina’s main problem at the moment: her urgent need for original material. Because of that, Tina browsed through the current Rock and Soul hits, like on her last LP Rough, with covers of The Bitch Is Back, Everyone’s A Winner, Giving Up, Giving In, etc. Despite their dynamic and adequate performances, the covers were redundant. The same goes for Tina’s crusade through Vegas, with sugar-coated covers of You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Fever and I’ve Been Loving You Too Long. With renditions of River Deep Mountain High and Nutbush City Limits (twice!), Tina also brought her succesful period with Ike into memory. Despite the strong show, Tina couldn’t hide from the fact, that without Ike, there’s something missing. Although her concert, that was closed with two encores due to the audience’s reception, was much better than her last ‘Las Vegas’ appearance that she gave last year in The Netherlands with Ike, it was nothing more than a dynamic fashion show, in which music played just a minor role, while repeating visual highpoints from the past (like her fellatio-performance with the microphone). And all of that with the motto of Tina’s latest single: Viva La Money, because alimony is not everything, even for the queen of rock & soul.

10 Replies to “TINA Live in Carré, Amsterdam (1979)”

  1. Not a really good review of tina in ‘oor’. What a pitty, because these shows from 1979’s were great I think. Thank you for the songs 🙂


  2. Well, for me it wasn’t her best show, but a very interesting period in her carreer! It is surprising that at that time, very few people knew the reason for her divorce from Ike: in this article they make it appear like Tina did it for the money or something.


  3. Loved this post. Thank you so much.

    I don’t think the review is that bad: it recognizes Tina’s star power and amazing stage magnetism.

    The guy criticizes Tina’s lack of original material (the fact that she is doing a lot of covers) and the fact that she is not that thin – but she did look fit to me. And yes, the guy gets a little bit confused about the dates (’cause is impossible that Tina played with Ike in Amsterdam a year earlier).

    I also think this is a very interesting time in Tina’s career and I’m happy that she was able to reinvent herself after leaving Ike and that she was able to reinvent herself once again in the early 80′s. She kept getting better and better.

    For me, her early 90′s tours “Foreign Affair” and “What’s Love” are her best. But her subsequent tours “Wildest Dreams”, “Twenty Four Seven” and the “50th Anniversary” tour were beyond-incredible.

    I was thinking about all these popular and great performers (Cher, Madonna, Janet, Beyonce), and althrough they are very talented and creative (especially Madonna), they don’t have the natural strengh that Tina has on stage. It’s something really unique in her. She was born to be on stage, nobody can carry a show like her.


    1. Hey, no prob T-Rox, i have edited it. Thanks for your comment, the journalist is really hard towards Tina and obviously doesn’t know all the facts about Tina’s life and saying that she is a bit fat is just gross. This era is interesting in many ways, the songs, the freedom, the energy…Not my favorite in terms of look but she was working like crazy so lot of respect to the lady for that!
      Anyway it would be interesting to get in touch with the guy who wrote it and ask him if he would write the same article again !


  4. Bensjef, I agree with you.

    It was the first Tina solo era and it was a first taste of freedom for her. The journalist for sure wasn’t aware of everything that was going on in Tina’s life at the moment. For Tina to be able to put a show like that, it was a real struggle. And she was still able to give a great performance. I think her shows from that time received great reviews, so this particular review is not damaging. I think the main problem is that the journalist does not perceive the fact that Tina didn’t have the opportunity to record great new material ’cause her life back then was still a lot complicated. It took her a few years to come out with Private Dancer.


  5. I agree with most of the readers of this article that this author apparently was not really familiar with Tina. Tina never looked fat to me during this time either, I dont know what he was talking about. She was fresh out of the cage on her own for the first time and it may appeared to him that she didnt quite have it together but that’s expected until she learned the game. Look at her now, wow, I bet he wouldn’t say that now.


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