Tina Turner – in the studio recording Beyond part 2

Tina Turner is currently in the studio recording the follow-up to the 2009 spiritual album Beyond. This is a special project she does with her friends Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay. The album will be released later this year and will feature spiritual messages from Tina as well as prayers. A group of children will also co-operate in the project. The video is without sound and is part of a little contest. If you can guess three words that Tina is saying, you can receive a signed photo! For more details, you can visit Regula’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/regula.curti?sk=wall. If there is more news or a release date for this project, we will let you know!



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9 responses to “Tina Turner – in the studio recording Beyond part 2

  1. Tina looks good. It’s funny to see the video without sound. She is so vibrant, even when we can’t hear the music.

  2. Lasse

    Looking forward to the release of Beyond 2. But we also need a new Tina studio album! It’s 12 years since 24/7 😦

    • Yes, the first edition of Beyond was ( as far as i am concerned ) very nice already. Concerning a new rock studio album i don’t think it will ever see the light of the day but who knows 😉

      • Belaf

        Well she didn’t say she was retiring from music. She’s just retired from touring, so I’m sure there will be at least one more album. I doubt it will be a “rock studio album” as you put it since Tina hasn’t truly rocked out on her last couple of albums. Whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be nice.

  3. i love tina turner and i think music it great and i would for her work with younger singer how start out
    she that their can look up to
    i hate aretha what she said that uncelled for from grammy commet

  4. where’s the SOUND to studio video Beyond ??

    • There’s no sound! It was just a recording of Tina recording the song. And it was posted as a challenge on youtube and you had to guess what Tina was saying!
      The winner won an autographed cd of the upcoming “Children Beyond” album.

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