Tina Turner – The Vanity Fair interview – 1993

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Tina Turner - Vanity Fair 1993 - 1

In 1993, during the promotion for the What’s Love Got To Do With It? soundtrack, movie and tour, Tina gave a big interview to Vanity Fair. With photos by Michael Comte, this makes it one of the most interesting magazine interviews. She goes in-depth about her past with Ike, something she rarely does in interviews. Below you can see the complete interview and photos.

3 Replies to “Tina Turner – The Vanity Fair interview – 1993”

  1. Wow. I’ve been waiting so long for this!! Thank you so much. The article and the pictures are beyond amazing, one of the best ever photo shoots and articles in Tina’s career. I enjoyed every second. It would be so fine to see here in this blog Tina’s magazine cover articles/ photo shoots for “Tatler Magazine” (1986) and Elle Magazine (1996). I just want to thank you. I’ve always dreamed of having Tina’s Vanity Fair Magazine scans. THANK YOU.


  2. You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed this! For the moment, we don’t have Tatler or Elle scanned but we’ll keep it in mind for the future. But we will have more magazine articles and interviews soon!


  3. Amazing. Thank you.

    This Vanity Fair article is really great, one of the most informative. Tina was the last black woman to appear on the U.S. Vanity Fair magazine cover in years. Only in 2005, Beyonce made the cover, being the first african american woman since Tina (1993) to appear on VF cover.


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