Tina Turner – German tour book – 1979

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This is a tourbook, in German, made for Tina Turner’s 1979 solo tour in Germany. Tina performed in theaters accross Europe in the spring of 1979. In the tourbook and interview, setlist, credits and photos for her Cabaret-style show. Special thanks to Hans from Austria for providing this book for us to scan!

14 Replies to “Tina Turner – German tour book – 1979”

    1. HI. I was watching ‘Tina Turner – ZDF On Tour Mit Tina 2000 – part 5/5’ video and ended up here. This video is voiced over in German and I was wondering what fragrance does she talk about @ 0:22? TY


      1. Hi Mary, so you ended up the right place. We uploaded a lot of Tina videos before creating the Youtube account for the blog. Anyway concerning your question, i don’t have an answer right now but i’ll check later and let you know if i found out 😉


  1. Loved it. I would love a dvd of this concert tour. It would be great to see Tina performing “Help me make it through the night”, the Ike & Tina songs (“It’s Gonna Work Out Fine”), “Viva La Money”.


  2. It’s interesting how Tina returned to her roots with her last 2008/09 Tour: Toni Basil and Bob Mackie were there in the very beginning of her solo career and returned to work with her in the last tour. Cool to see.


    1. Yes T-Rox, we were also very surprised to read that the first time we saw the program. Tina has always been very loyal to the people she has been working with.


  3. wow,never seen this:( i thought i have all stuff:))lol
    ps: look who did tina´s garderobe at this time:) it was Aillene Bullock.


    1. Hey Michael, guess that must be difficult to get eeeevery Tina stuff, there’s so much out there! And yes Aillene used to work for Tina but as T-Rox wrote, it didn’t last for long….


  4. In the book “The Real T” (Eddy Armani), he talks about Alline working for Tina in the early days of her solo career. But Tina and Alline were so different that they had problems and Alline wanted her life back, ’cause working for Tina was really hard. Tina is a perfectionist and sometimes a hard person to deal with while workin’ on the road. Alline parted ways with Tina professionally, but they kept being close as family. Eddy went on road with Tina, in Alline’s place after that (early 80’s).


    1. I wrote about reading I,Tina when I ment this book by Eddy Whom ever! Sorry.😒 A lot of this is hard to believe and about him. But yes, he did say that Tina and her sister worked together on the road and it was difficult but they remained family.


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