July 28, 2000: Tina performs in Cologne, Germany

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11 years ago today, Tina Turner played a show at Cologne’s Müngersdorfer Stadium as part of her 2000 Twenty Four Seven world tour. Below you will find the audio of the two opening songs from this concert, which were broadcast live on the radio. A special thanks go out to Marco’s father who recorded these from the radio, way back in the day!

I Wanna Take You Higher

Absolutely Nothing’s Changed

6 Replies to “July 28, 2000: Tina performs in Cologne, Germany”

  1. I remember how I came back that night from the concert and found a cassette (this is a very strange thing which you could use for recordings from the radio 😉 ) laying on the stairs waiting for me. My father knew his Father-Biz!


  2. thanks:) nice story with that cassetts:) i have also a cassett with radiostory´s from leipzig 2000.but can not put it online:((((
    thanks again


  3. Is there any way this whole show is available on audio? The recording is incredible quality from the soundboard, often they don’t sound great, and a bit flat, but this recording is amazing!


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