Tina Turner – Radio City Music Hall – New York – 1997

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14 years ago, Tina Turner was performing a seven night run at New York City’s famous Radio City Music Hall. These concerts were part of her huge Wildest Dreams world tour. While in Europe, Tina played in football stadiums and big arenas, in North-America the concerts were also held in smaller outdoor venues and theaters such as Radio City. Below, you will find several newspaper reviews of these concerts. Special thanks once again to Hans for providing these articles!

New York Daily News

New York Post


New York Times

Concert ticket

6 Replies to “Tina Turner – Radio City Music Hall – New York – 1997”

  1. Saw this show with Cyndi Lauper as first act and Cyndi was pregnant!! Amazing show.
    Many years before at The Saint disco saw Tina perform to a group of 200 gay men. Was amazing to see her perform just a few feet away!! Can’t find any reference to these shows she was doing in gay venues. No cellphones to record the experience just wonderful memories.


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