Wishing all of you happy holidays, the blog won’t be updated in August (of course if there’s anything exciting we’ll let you know) but we’ll be back in September. Before that here’s some info that you should know!

For more than a year now, a Facebook group has been created to get Tina a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. If you also think Tina deserves this, join this group on Facebook.

A Tina fan party will be organized in Amsterdam for Tina’s birthday in November. This is the 3rd edition and if you want to know more details you can join this Facebook group.

And a new blog has been created by Juerschen called “The World Of Tina” where you will find info regarding Tina’s discography.

7 Replies to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Have a great holiday guys! Thanks so far for everything you have in setting up the blog and all the great posts. Look forward to many more, you are true T.T. fans!



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