Welcome back to our blog! We hope everybody enjoyed their holidays despite the terrible weather conditions in certain parts of the world. We have prepared many new posts that you will see on the blog in the future, and we are looking forward to continue updating our site. Click to read what has changed on the blog.

We are now on Facebook! Join our Facebook page to receive information on the latest updates of our blog and to interact with other fans. From time to time, we will also upload exclusive material to Facebook that can’t be shared on YouTube or other sites due to (copyright) restrictions. There are so many Tina things out there! But please keep on commenting on the blog by using Facebook, Twitter or your WordPress account! Don’t forget that you can also subscribe to our mailing list and receive an email every time there’s an update!

One new important addition is the page for Tina Turner’s birthday party, that you will see on top. Go there to find information about the fan party we are organizing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in the weekend of November 26 to celebrate Tina’s 72nd birthday. We had a lot of fun last year, so we hope even more fans will join us this year. Any ideas welcome!  Hope to see you there! Click on the picture below, print it and post it everywhere!

Finally, you will find a new Frequently Asked Questions section, available in English and French. Also, the About page is now available in French.

Enjoy your stay on the blog!

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