Tina Turner talks about “Children Beyond” – September 13, 2011

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Here is a comment wrote by Tina:

I was born into a baptist family. I went to church every sunday. The preacher were speaking the words of God. I didn’t hear what the preacher said but it was the environnment. It was the peoples Amen in agreeing what the preacher said and then we had a young baptist reunion to learn about the bible. It helps, I don’t remember it helped me to be a better person but it put me in touch with information about God and Jesus, the truth and being nice to people. That was a part of my life when I was 11 or 12. I continued with the Lords prayer because my mother tought us that that will help us. And I kept the Lords Prayer straight through life until I was introduced to Buddhism. But it didn’t matter that I changed from Baptist to Buddhist because I learned later that it is the same. I used different words…. maybe I needed different words.

Our Music BEYOND carries the message that we are all from one source. Therefore I live Baptism and Buddhism.



26 Replies to “Tina Turner talks about “Children Beyond” – September 13, 2011”

  1. gracias por mantenerme informada con lo último de la sra. Tina Turner. Tienen alguna novedad de la fas artística, se presentará alguna otra vez?


  2. can you tell me which part of her looks good ??? She looks incredibly old, even older than she is. And she looks very sad. If she has chosen to get really old now, then i dont know why she dont let the wigs behind but chooses the most ugly one instead. These pictures and the video are simply shocking. I hope she gets over this whole thing soon. She was much more spiritual and authentic in stage than she is with this beyond thing.


    1. Hi riven, thanks for your comment. So to many of us Tina looks good because she is a 72 year old woman and for a person that age, that’s pretty amazing. Like you, judging by the pictures we thought Tina looked a bit sad but looking at the interview she seems likes she is still full of energy and very natural. I think this is the natural Tina and not the woman you see on stage. Tina always said she was a quiet person off stage and after seeing her many times during her last tour she seems to enjoy this project more than huge world tour. And as far as the wig is concerned, it’s not because you are an old person that you don’t have the right to try to look good 😉


      1. Hi, I know what Tina says about her two sides and it is obviously like that. But my impression is that the private Tina is the role she plays (thats why it´s not that authentic) and the stage persona is her real self. And she really wants it to be the opposite. But nevertheless i would understand if she really has this problem.


      2. Hmm… I have a totally different impression! I think she is more than happy that she isn’t on stage any more and that she finally accepted that she no longer has to ‘keep up appearances’. Of course, her stage persona is a part of herself, but she played that part for such a long time, I thin she glad she can give it a rest!


  3. I think she looks great! much better than those promo pics for TINA! where she looked like a wax doll from Tussaud…
    She’s a natural beauty and it shows in this interview. And most important is what she’s saying…It’s so true. Looking so much forward to the CD. Let’s hope it’s as good as the first one!


  4. I think Tina looks great too. The problem with the video is the camera angle – it did not made her justice. But, she is a old woman, we can’t forget that – and, in my opinion, she’s still totally gorgeous. I love this new video, but I don’t think her statement about being a christian all her life makes sense. Maybe, in a deep way, she wants to say, it does not matter the religion, but the good intentions. However, I don’t think it was a coherent statement…


  5. Hi there, There are 3 pre order options on Amazon.de and 3 different prices. Can anyone explain the differences. I think 2 are released 07 oct and 1 on 14 Oct?


  6. En las fotos está divina, (que quieres, que te pasa? ella tiene 71 años) es natural, es hermosa por dentro y por fuera, y su imagen muestra que está muy bien con sigo misma, encontró su centro, su equilibrio interior. Es la mejor “The Bes”


  7. I love u Tina for so long. Seems like forever.. way back when Ike was still an issue for ya. You’re still lookin good , as usual. Wishing you a long, happy life. Which it appears you are definately haveing. And you deserve it Tina. Good luck always, and congrats on your new husband. Take care…


  8. I don’t know why some ppl are saying tina doesn’t look good anymore. I think she still looks really good. She’s had a hard life, an made it thru. I gotta lot of respect forher. I mean 72? She looks younger than some 40 year olds. Anyway I wish only the very best for tina. And I hope she’s aroundfor a very long time.


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