Tina Turner Fan of the Month: Marco

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Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to do our series of fan interviews as often as we would like to, but today finally a new interview with our good friend Marco!

Name: Marco

Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Favorite Tina song: Let’s Stay Together, Proud Mary, Nutbush City Limits, Steamy Windows…

Favorite Tina album: Foreign Affair (‘his summer album’)

Favorite Tina tour: Twenty Four Seven tour (‘best holidays ever!’)

Number of Tina concerts: 62, plus tv shows and other special appearances

Marco is a 33 year old IT-consultant from Germany, who has written many books about various IT technologies and who travels throughout Europe to deliver trainings. He has been a Tina Turner fan since the age of 12 (1989) and has followed Tina all over the world during her last tours. When Tina is not on tour, he also likes to travel to see his other music idols.

When did you discover Tina?

I needed much space for my model train, so the living room was partly occupied with it. One day, my father showed me the new audio system, I wanted to check it out myself when I found the Private Dancer CD! (The Japanese import in red, by the way.)

And what was it that attracted you to this CD and Tina in general?

I thought “Wow, she got some legs there…!”, and when I inserted the CD I liked each song from the beginning and I had to play it over and over again. It was the year when the Foreign Affair album was released – and this was a real blast!

A young Marco during Tina Turner's concert at Wembley Stadium 2000

Still, it is a big step from liking someone’s music to going crazy for them. What was the craziest thing you ever did for Tina?

I will put it this way: in case you would like to meet her at the hotel in Munich – better follow Erwin Bach across the city like James Bond until you reach your destination. And provided that you would like to meet her in a museum – better stay long enough until she is there with you. But now – being a little bit older now – maybe I would simply sit in the hotel lobby and wait for her throughout the day – having a hot chocolate and a cake, of course. See, all of this is already quite crazy.

But in the end it was worth it, because you met her!

In 1998, when we had the Cose Della Vita season and the live appearances in Munich, I had everything in my head: what I wanted to say, which words to use – everything. And then, I was so excited and could only think of “An autograph, please!”. But, in fact, my nice speech would have been better! The whole weekend containing the two concerts, even the rehearsals on the public square, seeing her in the car and finally meeting her, was absolutely brilliant and something I won´t ever forget!

Any more of these nerve-wracking Tina adventures?

Many friends will remember the day when I was still in Europe while everybody was already in Miami! After the first three weeks of the 2008 tour, I went back for work and I wanted to come back for the Florida shows. But somehow, I messed it up and simply forgot that the flight was on the day before the concert and not on the same day. I had already received some text messages and I wondered why everybody was already there; but well, why not, the sunshine and such… But when I found out that I missed the plane and that I could miss a concert, I was so terrified, so thunderstruck, so … whatever! My boyfriend had to get me a new flight and we crossed the ocean as planned – only one day too late. But: one hour earlier in Miami than expected, super easy passport control, taxi to the venue, the taxi with the suitcases to the hotel and I was the last one to enter the venue. Nobody there, the concert had already started, Tina already at the end of Typical Male… but still, it was fantastic, after 10 hours travelling: absolutely dramatic! When I rushed down the stairs after the second song of the concert, some friends saw me, shouted my name and I thought: Wow, that´s so cool…I am that far away from home, after such a day of fear and hope… and still… everything is fine and wonderful! Oh, and my seat this evening was much better than the one I bought – a super day.

Marco grooving to Tina's music in Arnhem 2009 (as seen on tv)

What is the importance of this community of Tina fans for you?

The fact alone that I know that people all over the world will read this makes me tremble – with joy. It is the absolute maximum of life style a non-super-hero can achieve! Having friends all over the world, to have so many places where you can go to for having your tea and coffee, all these friendships – sometimes very close and even best friends – and all the fun we had and will have – absolutely Rock ‘n’ Roll! And it is not only Tina but other music as well, and other activities,  on an international and intercultural scale.

What other music do you like?

Somehow, most of the other artists I like are connected with her; like The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams. But also Jennifer Rush, Joe Cocker, Kylie Minogue and Aretha Franklin.

Finally, will Tina ever tour again?

Hm… dream or reality? I hope at least for one gala, show, appearance… evening. And I won´t miss this flight then but I will be there right on time. With everybody!

Clearly, this wasn't Marco's first interview about his Tina passion! A selection.

36 Replies to “Tina Turner Fan of the Month: Marco”

    1. Thank you and thanks to Marco! So, when can we get an interview appointment with miss Luzi…? (Maybe it should be done in three parts, I have the feeling you have too many stories!)


  1. Great interview, I enjoyed reading it! It is my dream to meet Tina one day, you are so lucky. I’ve idolised Tina since I was 6 years old and I’m 30 now! It’s great to hear from other fans. It was the best experience being on the front row 3 times the last tour! Tina rocks!


      1. I saw Tina on the twenty four seven tour too, but wasn’t on the front row for that one, so being on the front last time meant so much!


  2. Ciao mi chiamo Devis e sono un grandissimo fan di Tna Turner per sono andato con la mia macchina e con dei amici fino a parigi a vedere il concerto che si teneva li . Questo perme è stao un grande onore vedere TINA TURNER dal live ciao a tutti . E perme tina turner sara sempre la piu grande cantante del mondo intero ciè SIMPLY THE BEST . CIAO


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