“Unity” released as first single on September 23!

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The song ‘Unity’ is now available to download as the first single of the album “Children Beyond”.

Buy it here (only German speaking territories)

Now also available on iTunes worldwide!

Listen to this NEW extract of the song, Tina sounds totally incredible, her voice is still powerful & breathtaking! Merci Olivier!

And did you already listen to ‘Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu’, Tina sounds again very different, it seems that the result of this album will be even more surprising, including more vocals by Tina!

30 Replies to ““Unity” released as first single on September 23!”

    1. hmmm not much for me (ben) 😉 i mean for the “a fool in love” reference, i think Tina’s voice is great, i like her part ( Regula Curti’s part is the one extract from the song “Devotion” from “Beyond”(2009).
      But i am realllly looking forward to ‘Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu’!


      1. I mean the power intro of “Unity”, really reminded me of the “A fool in love” intro (only the first seconds)… I don’t know, but it had such impact on me… like it was the first time I was listening to Tina.


    1. Yes Carlos, the whole cd will reflect a “new” aspect of Tina’s voice. I really hope she would sing more mystical songs (not necessary religious song), i think her voice now is excellent for those type of project.


      1. Ben & Sjef, I do agree with you. I’m loving this new Tina – she has always been mystical, but it’s great to see her exploring this path with more intensity in her work. I think it’s the perfect vehicle for her now… it’s a great change and a very welcome reinvention of her career. I love the Rock Tina, but I’m happy she will leave it on a high – we’ll never see Tina being a caricature of her former self. She’s a very smart woman. I want more mystical/spiritual records/ books and who knows – a mystical concert (a la Sarah Brightman).


  1. Roger Davis is an incredible manager, but he can’t do miracles. Tina does NOT want to work as a Rock Star anymore, she had enough… and she doesn’t need it too. She achieved everything that a superstar can achieve, so now she wants to live in peace. I understand that. It’s a very rough industry and it’s better to leave it on a high point – every Tina project has been a high point, and this is something very hard to achieve.

    She was courageous enough to do a big tour with 68-69 years old, and it was a SMASH. Let her live her life.


  2. That sounds like a different Tina. I am very curious about Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu. Am I the only one who gets the chills from that snippet? I’m wondering how Tina would have sung the songs from “the goddess” . Maybe close to this one?
    Thanks for sharing Ben and Sjef!


    1. Hey Enrico, i ( ben) am also really looking forward to that song, TIna sounds very unusual and it also give me goose pumps . Don’t mention the Godess songs, i am dying to hear them one day, like the holy graal ^^


      1. I was thinking about “The Goddess” too…. Last year’s august (2010) we had some news about the movie. It seemed that it would be made again. God, I would LOVE to see Tina as the goddess… because she is a goddess. I think she still can do it – she still looks great, and still sings with power.


  3. Tina est une femme exceptionnelle. Grâce à elle j’ai pu combattre pleins choses dans ma vie. J’ai pu remonter la pente. Sa ténacité donne chacun de nous une force pour aller de l’avant. C’est son caractère qui donne cette mélodie dans tout ce qu’elle fait.


    1. Merci pour ton com’ Pol, je crois qu’on ne devient pas fan de Tina Turner par hasard, on ne s’en aperçoit peut-etre pas au début mais finalement il y a surement une bonne raison derrière tout ça!


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