Children Beyond album promo photos (updated December 2, 2011)

Great new HQ photos for the promo of the “Children Beyond”! More inside! Tina & the girls looks stunning!

Update December 2nd 2011: one new picture added, see inside!



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31 responses to “Children Beyond album promo photos (updated December 2, 2011)

  1. Sonny

    Tina looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

  2. snlkat

    Tina looks soooo Beautiful!!! ♥

  3. Laurel

    They all look wonderful!! Thanks for posting……not sure when we’ll get it here in the US :o)

  4. Carlos

    woooooooooow! she looks wonderful!

  5. Boudewijn

    Great job guys! Thanks.

  6. Luzi

    Soooo, so gr8!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing, tTTblog! 🙂 🙂

  7. danke 😉 she indeed looks wonderfull as always 😉

  8. Lois M.

    I agree with e everyone that Tina does look beautiful, but mostly It’s great to see her doing something that she’s interested in doing and helping spread a positive message to the world. Just when you thought this lady couldn’t be any more amazing; she proves you wrong. This is why she’s incomparable,empowering, and legendary.

  9. tinas biggest fan

    Tina is so hot and sexy ive been a fan all my life keep going Tina, shake that booty and show off you sexy legs , you lok so beautiful better than ever

  10. Corey

    I love Tina. I need Tina like my body needs air and water. In my life there was no music, until the day I heard her sing…

  11. Kaisa Mirren

    Yes Corey, I think same…….I love Tina and her voice and all of her! None is like Tina, she is incomparable!

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  13. Susana

    no habra nunca nadie mas hermosa y talentosa!

  14. Grace

    I like very much Tina turner,singing ,dancing and the way she dress,shes beautiful

  15. Barbara Cook

    I listen to the video and it touched me so deeply …thank you for helping me find peace ..

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