Children Beyond press conference – video (updated)

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The complete Children Beyond press launch is now online in full HD video, filmed by Sjef. Make sure to click on the YouTube links to watch it in the best quality possible!

1. Question and answer session, introduction of the singers. (5.30 mins)

2. Performance of Calling by Tina and Buddham Saranam Gacchami plus 20 minutes of questions from the audience. (25 mins)

(at 7.30 mins you can hear the question by Sjef plus Tina’s response)


Press Conference coverage by Sjef Part 1 & Part 2

16 Replies to “Children Beyond press conference – video (updated)”

  1. Thank you so much for these!

    I know this has been discussed before, but did we ever reach any consensus on Tina’s being helped around as she walks? She is always holding on to someone/something if she walks any distance or up stairs. In this video Erwin is waiting at the steps to hold her hand and she puts her other hand on Dechen’s shoulder. In the interview video that shows Tina walking on the grounds of her home, she is holding on to the patio furniture and when she finally sits down, she looks like she was exhausted by the walk.

    I’ve always guessed it was from years of dancing in heels which destroys your knees and back. Madonna is said to have severe knee problems and even Michael Jackson at his death was riddled with arthritis in his knees and back. Any thoughts?


    1. Tina is always surrounded by a lot of people, at the press conference there were a lot of photographers taking photos, it was warm and very dark. This is very distracting for her, so I think Erwin just helps her to make sure she goes in the right direction and she isn’t bothered too much by other people. I don’t think it has anything to do with physical problems, after all she was still wearing very high heels!


  2. Nice videos guys! It is nice to see, that when Tina finds out it is Sjef asking the question, she starts to smile and relaxes immediately.
    Did you have a chance to meet her after the offical part or did she leave immediately?


    1. Thank you very much! Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to speek with her personally. She was still in the building somewhere, but she didn’t come to the ‘afterparty’ where we were… Next time!


  3. I’m so proud of you guys that you got the invitations! You certainly deserved it!! Thaks for posting the videos. It looks like Tina does understand quite a lot of what they say in German, doesn’t she.


    1. Tom, thank you so much! I think she does understand some German, I think she got most of the time at least the essence of what was being said, although sometimes she was looking at Regula or the interviewer for some help! But with a German boyfriend and having lived in German speaking countries for 20 years, she must have picked it up a bit!


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