Stronger Than The Wind is a b-side track released in 1989 that can be found on the  UK edition of  the I Don’t Wanna Lose You single but also on the Swiss cd-single of Steamy Windows.

Continue reading to listen to the song, read the lyrics and see the artwork of the singles!


You think you’ve done it all but I’d like to make a bet
There’s so much more up ahead, you ain’t seen nothing yet
It’s gonna take a little time before the rain dies down
Till the storm is over you’ve got to stand your ground

You’ve got to be stronger than the wind
Got to be stronger
Stronger than the wind, it’s gonna take a little longer
Stronger than the wind

You know it could be worse, at least you’re not alone
There’s a million billion souls who haven’t even got a home
They haven’t any bills to pay and no letters to send
They just wait for judgement day, at least you got a friend

Come on be stronger than the wind
Got to be stronger
Stronger than the wind, it’s gonna take a little longer
Stronger than the wind

A tree stays rooted but a tree knows how to bend
Let the thunder and lighting flash above you
Right here on earth you got me to love you
You’ve got me to love you


17 Replies to “Stronger Than The Wind”

  1. I was listening to the ‘foreign affair’ album today in the car!My favourite songs are ‘falling like rain’ and ‘I don’t wanna lose you’. I love the ‘foreign affair’ album. Thanks for sharing.


      1. I’ve seen a few drivers smile when I drive by/stood at traffic lights, as I’m doing a little dance/singing along/pulling one of Tina’s great facial expressions! Just having fun!


  2. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! IS THERE ANY WAY SOMEONE CAN UPLOAD IT…Sorry for all caps. I dont even understand why this was not on the original cd.


  3. “Falling Like Rain” is one of my favorite songs ever – and maybe my favorite one in the Foreign Affair album. I will never understand why Tina didn’t sing it live on the FA, or why it was never released as a single… it could have been a smash hit for her. Many fans dislike the song – other thing that I will never understand. Tina sings it with such joy and ecstasy this particular song, like she is “falling like rain” for somebody.


    1. Hey T-Rox, thanks for your comment. I (Ben) guess Falling like Rain isn’t an easy song to perform live. I like the song a lot also, would have been nice to listen to it live!


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