Born in Nutbush, Tennessee in 1939, Tina Turner moved to St. Louis in her teen years and from there she left for California. Although Tina lived in the Los Angeles area for about 25 years, in 1986 Tina moved to Europe and has lived there since. Living first in London, she later moved with her German boyfriend to Cologne, Germany. However, since the mid-1990’s, Tina divides her time between Zurich, Switzerland and Nice at the French Côte d’Azur. Her house in France was built especially for her and she decorated it herself.

A big post, with magazine articles from Ebony (May 2000) and Schweizer Illustrierte (November 2006), photos of Tina’s house in France under construction, photos of Tina receiving the honorary citizenship of Villefranche-sur-Mer and a video with a tour of Tina’s house in France from the Oprah show in 1997. Enjoy!


Update: In July 2013, Tina said on Oprah’s Next Chapter that she “got rid of property in France”. One can only assume that she talked about Anna Fleur.

Tina’s house under construction.

Tina Turner receiving the honorary citizenship of Villefranche sûr Mer, her home in France, August 7, 1995.

Visiting Tina Turner at home – Ebony magazine (May 2000)

Article in Swiss magazine ‘Schweizer Illustrierte’ (November 13, 2006) about Tina living in Switzerland


49 Replies to “At Home with TINA”

      1. Hello
        Mrs.Tina Turner
        I have contacted you several times.I need your help. Will you call me 3365645335.please contact me. I had a stroke like you and need some help please. Will you fly me there to-get help.
        Please call me


  1. I have a small window from the house in Nutbush that I was told by a local was where Tina’s family lived. The old farm house there was torn down 4 days later.and burned on the spot. I tell this and the window is Tina’s if she wants it. Wes Ingram !985 Leota Road, Southside, Al 35907


  2. tina you are the most wonderfull singer in universe i don’t think that will be another singer like you miss tina turner pls send your autografy in my scream i love you morden any singer in the world you gonna show some respect


  3. tina you are simply the best an amazing women that has helped me through difficult times in my life thankyou for being you and thank you for your music you rock simply the best is what you are many thanks


  4. On Whitney Houston’s death I used youtube to re-live some important music from my past…Whitney, Aretha, and yourself. It seems you have gone through several big time transformations in your life, not just from the time of introduction into Nichean (sp?) Buddhism. I saw your home in France and thought, ‘these kind of people really are DIFFERENT’. Really above it all and in a sense tired of it all. But I enjoyed your shows on youtube and wish you well. I’m 71, no doctors for past 42 yearsI and herbs herbs herbs. I wonder why I’m writing this to you ….


    1. Just received the e-mail in reference to my e-mail from 2 oryears back, Please explain the comment about the pookl structure. Grounds where I got the window was old farm house with small out building.


      1. I went to Nutbush Four years ago and some older farmers are eating in a small cafe there. Asked the ladies running the place if they knew where Tina was raised and they said no. One the men came and told me where the place was. The story was that Tina’s father had worked on the farm as a hired hand and he and his family lived in a small building behind the main house. When I went there no one else was on the property. An old pickup beside the main house and had gone inside. I went in and asked them if I was in the right place. They said the family had given them permission to remove anything they wanted because there was a dragline coming to dig a hole on the property pushing, down the old house and out buildings pushing the debris in to the hole burning it and covering it up. I asked them if I could have a window from the out building and they said OK. I have the window and I guess Tina would be the only one to cofirm the story. why was I there? Rest of our family had gone to Graceland. Elvis is dead but I have always admired Tina and what she has done in her life. Wes Ingram

        On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 2:38 PM, The Tina Turner Blog wrote:

        > ** > Ben & Sjef commented: “I am afraid i don’t see what you are talking > about Wes…” >


      2. I see now, thanks, that’s an interesting story!
        I am sure you must be worshiping those windows! I doubt Tina really remember how the windows of her old Nutbush house looked like, but i am sure she would be surprised to hear about this! 😉


  5. I agree, after Tina went through so much with Ike, she deserves exactly what she is getting now. and that is peace,love, and pure happiness. My god it shows on her face, just how she feels.


  6. “Simply The Best”!!! and so Much More…,
    Tina (Anna Mae), Has Always had the “PERSEVERANCE” to Continue,
    We “ALL” have the same Perseverance too,
    if we just allow it, to just flow “within” and through us,
    It will come..
    Love & Gratitude Always


  7. I don’t think I’ll ever really mean that much to you but I’m forever grateful and a fan for your music and your over comings. I lost my mom 3 years ago to copd and alcohol. She was so die hard as a fan I cry when I hear your voice. My mother’s favorite saying was: “God I hope I’m that beautiful with that energy when I am that age!” You were 60ish. Mom didn’t make it to a concert but we sure tried Merry Christmas Tina. I’m a forever fan!


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