Tina Turner in Venice – November 14, 2011

Tina Turner  and her boyfriend Erwin Bach were spotted in Venice, Italy (apparently today). Some photos of her looking fabulous just appeared on this Polish news site. See below for more photos.

UPDATE: 4 new photos added today, not the best quality but come back and check later, maybe we’ll have the chance to update it again 🙂

UPDATE 2: 4 more photos added.



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17 responses to “Tina Turner in Venice – November 14, 2011

  1. mark

    love these pictures, Tina looks great!

  2. jarmel

    Looks like Tina is Loosing some weight … she looks Fantastic 🙂

  3. bkoutlaw2

    She looks GREAT!!!!! Much better than those recent pics from the beyond press conference.

  4. Edmund

    yes she’s definitely lost weight, i wonder what she’s up to

  5. Peter Andrews

    She lost weight and looks great. Seems like she is preparing for something!

  6. Faye

    Tina looks fantastic,as always. Fingers crossed she is preparing something!

  7. she looks great and she simply the best


  9. Monika Steiner

    Jeah, she looks great and enjoys the sun of a beautiful fall. But …. her coat is too big for and presses down to the floor. Alsothe sleeves are too long. She is a great person – no doubt at all, but she is pretty short. Anyway, the only thing that counts is, it keeps our Lady nicely warm. At it makes her very sympatic, that not all is perfect. Great!

  10. Beautiful! It’s really good to see her lost her weight!

    We are ready for your new album, Little Ann!

  11. tina turner does duet ms dynamite cool

  12. Schenk

    Super content pour Tina, elle a l’aire d’aller bien. Quand on pense que dans quelque jours elle aura 72 ans, on n’en croit pas nos yeux..
    Tina apparemment perd du poids, cela et peut-être une bonne nouvelle, peut-être que Tina a quelque chose dans la tête.
    Je suis content pour elle, elle est magnifique.. ❤

  13. d

    She does look great. The blue looks very good on her and I like her boots + skirt and the bag she’s using for years. I agree the coat is a little too big, but maybe she bought it when she was a bit heavier or it’s Erwin’s coat and she just wears it because she’s cold. I don’t care. Hope I look as good when I am 72.. To be honest..I think I will.. 😉

  14. Agree with everthing that’s said: she does look very good. But most importantly, she looks happy and comfortable, and I think she is enjoying her life outside the spotlights a lot! So, don’t get your hopes up high for a new release anytime soon! But she has worked hard all her life so it’s very good to see her enjoying what she earned.

  15. marga

    Está fantástica como siempre y la adoro de cualquier forma que ella esté,sería maravilloso poder verla una vez más, pero si no es así ella ya nos dio demasiado, gracias Tina y a ustedes por este trabajo estupendo.

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