Tina Turner – live on Taratata – 1999

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Tina Turner performed on the French tv-show Taratata in  1999 (recorded October 30, broadcast November 29) to promote her new album Twenty Four Seven. She performed live with her own band and a big orchestra, very impressive performances. Tina played four songs: River Deep, Mountain High, When The Heartache Is Over, Let’s Stay Together and Whatever You Need. She was also interviewed twice during the show. Click continue reading for the video (27 min), audio downloads and french version. Merci to Nicolas for providing these videos!

The orchestra rehearsed River Deep, Mountain High from the original music sheet written in 1966 but in 1999 Tina’s voice wasn’t as high as it was back then so they thought they would have to change everything. However, Tina as a real pro performed the song in its original key and still sounded incredible!

The 4 songs performed during the show can be downloaded here  in supah quality (radio broadcast)!

Listen to a short radio interview of Tina after her appearance on the show:

En Français

Tina Turner est apparue dans l’émission Taratata sur France 2 en 1999 ( l’émission fût enregistré le 30 Octobre mais diffusée le 29 Novembre) pour promovoir ce qui reste aujourd’hui son dernière album studio Twenty Four Seven. Elle y a chanté en live avec un grand orchestre symphonique et son propre groupe et à donné un show fantastique! Elle y a chanté 4 chansons: River Deep, Mountain High, When The Heartache Is Over, Let’s Stay Together and Whatever You Need.

Pour la petite histoire, l’orchestre avait répété à partir de la partition originale, mais depuis Tina Turner avait changé de voix et ne chantait plus si haut, contre attente elle à quand même chanté

Les 4 chansons interprétées par Tina durant l’émission sont téléchargeables ici en excellente qualité (enregistrements radio)

Interview radio de Tina après l’enregistrement:

22 Replies to “Tina Turner – live on Taratata – 1999”

  1. Fck!! Tears in my eyes at work . Too long ago I saw this one.
    River Deep…It was a good opening this working day. I was waiting till Tina launched herself as The Apollo 13 with flames coming out of her high heels!! GO Tina (but plse come back soon…)


  2. Thanks so much for posting, I didn’t know that. Great performance and I hope that Tina will come back for small concerts like this….ohhh I would be “dying” for that… 🙂


    1. We’re getting old 😉 Indeed a great performance, shame she didn’t do ‘orchestra’ performances like this one and the birthday special more often! Who knows… a few ‘symphonic’ concerts in the future? She can sit down and relax for these ones!


  3. I’ve never seen this recording before- thank you so much. Lets stay together and whatever you want brought tears to my eyes. I love it all! Wow!


  4. Si!!!! La mejor, es increible , gracias ya lo descargué en mi equipo, gracias por este regalo,Amo a Tina y a ustedes que hacen esto posible.


  5. Nice show! I think this version of RDMH is even better than the one on the Celebrate DVD releasead on the same period. What do you think? Amazing orchestra, really nice performance!


    1. Agreed, not really a fan of the whole Celebrate show, she looks a bit tired and a bit out of place with this big orchestra and small stage. However, she absolutely nails this performance on Taratata!


      1. I agree! River Deep on Taratata gives me chills! I only liked The Best, Nutbush, and Let’s Stay Together on Celebrate, and mainly for her facial expressions! My biggest frustration with the last two concert DVD’s is they cut away from her at moments when you know she is looking fierce


      2. During the Celebrate concert she was not at her best. Apparently she had a cold, and had also just heard that day her mother passed away. And probably she was not completely with the new songs yet. On Taratata, she was fierce!


  6. Hi Ben!
    Thanks again for giving new life to this treasure.
    Taratata was a great TV show and Tina really owned this one. I remember seeing it in Argentina through the French International channel
    In the archade of Spanish television I found two Tina appearances:
    https://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/viva-el-espectaculo/viva-espectaculo-02-02-1990/4216560/ go to 01:08:05 to see Tina (My apologies for the presenter).
    Another one:
    This the thrid aniversary of the show “Tocata” and Tina, at the time introducing Break Every Rule, is the special guest. She opened the show and closed it with 4 songs and clips of her videos.

    Maybe you (reading this) are a techguy and know how to rip Tina’s clips from the URL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great!! Thank you, Gaston! I had those videos on VHS in very bad quality, glad to found them in better definition!!! Too bad those 80’s European shows had artists lip synching instead of singing live but still nice to see TINA! Thanks for sending those! Best!


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