Tina Turner blog report: fan party in Amsterdam

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Last weekend, the annual Tina Turner birthday fan party was organized in Amsterdam , The Netherlands. Fans from more all over Europe joined together to celebrate Tina’s 72nd birthday. Continue reading for a short report and photos.

Most fans stayed for the whole weekend. Highlight of the weekend was the party on Saturday night, November 26, at bar The Queen’s Head. Fans danced the night away, performed Tina songs and we were performed by a very funny and surprising tribute singer Coby.

During the rest of the weekend several activities were organized, including a dinner and Tina quiz on Friday night. Very tired, but very happy, we look back at a very succesful weekend in honor of Miss Tina Turner. We had a great time celebrating her life and music, and most of all it was wonderful meeting so many wonderful Tina friends who came from all over the world to Amsterdam especially for this party. We are sure we want to continue this tradition, hopefully Tina will join us the next time 😉

A big thank you goes out to everyone who came for the party, for everyone helping me and Anja organizing this, bringing food, drinks, music, Tina items. But most of all a big thank you for all the fun and friendships that this weekend has brought us! Tina’s music once again brought us closer together!

Thanks to all the fans who provided these photos on Facebook.

12 Replies to “Tina Turner blog report: fan party in Amsterdam”

  1. It was a perfect weekend with many old friends, new friends – the RIGHT music, top restaurants and excursions to Dutch tourist hot spots.


  2. im so glad you had a great time i play tinas music none stop specialy on her birthdays and all the holidays, i didnt take my tina cds on holiday wish id never of went to see my x it was a holiday from hell but i survived on what was done to me , when i got back i played my hero none stop , you saved me tina and i love you xxxooooooooooooxx


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