December 6, 2000: Tina in Anaheim – VH1 All Access

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11 years ago today, on December 6, 2000 Tina Turner gave what was supposed to be her last concert ever in Anaheim, CA, USA at the Arrowhead Pond. This show was the final show of her 2000 Twenty Four Seven world tour, at that time her farewell tour. However, Tina returned to the stage in 2008 for another world tour.

VH1 followed Tina Turner backstage during this special last concert.

8 Replies to “December 6, 2000: Tina in Anaheim – VH1 All Access”

  1. Buenisimo, que hermoso recuerdo,SiIIII vuelve un vez más a la Argentina Te amamos, eres la mejor, la más grande entre las grandes. Por siempre TINA!!!!


    1. You were there? That is great! It seems like a very loose night, with Donovan on stage for Proud Mary and Tina even singing a bit of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ during the band introductions!


  2. I was there! Front row center! My mom and I got the tickets last minute! We rushed from Los Angeles to Anaheim, which is about an hour drive from L.A. and we made it. The concert was listed as “sold out”, but I took a chance and went to “Ticketmaster” (a place that sells concert tickets in the U.S.) to see if any tickets were available . The clerk said, “The show starts in an hour! It’s sold out! You’ll never arrive on time with traffic anyway, but I’ll look and see.” He said, “There are TWO tickets left! Guess where?” I said, “Where? Way in the back?” He said, “FRONT ROW and CENTER!” We had a great time and her stage was very close to the front row so she looked right at us many times. I called out her name at the beginning “Tina! Tina! Over here!” and and she looked right at me and I snapped the pic of her looking down and smiling ! Of course, I still have the photo!

    I can say one of my greatest memories was dancing with Tina Turner all night—because the way the stage was set up we were very close to her and she danced RIGHT in front u!—and we danced all night too!

    Oh, and after that, she left Anaheim (Orange County) and went to stay in Los Angeles for a bit … and I so did I because I live in LA. So we both got on the same highway to back to L.A. after the concert!


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