Tina Turner – radio interview with Lisa Robinson – January 20, 1985

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In this post, you will find a radio interview with Tina Turner, conducted by Lisa Robinson. The interview is from 1985, right during Tina’s breakthrough as a solo artist. Tina talks in depth about her recent success.

Interview Summary

In 1984, at the age of 44, Tina Turner finally scored her first #1 hit with “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” It had been a long time coming. She first achieved success with her ex-husband, Ike, in the 1960’s. After spending many difficult years in this abusive personal and professional relationship, she finally left him in the middle of a tour in 1976. She then worked incessantly, partly because she needed to pay off her debts to the concert promoters of the 1976 tour, but failed to have a significant impact as a solo artist.

The justice served by finally having a #1 single after so many years of struggle and perseverance act as the main thematic element of this interview with Lisa Robinson. Besides the substantial amount of information about her story and her newest album, Private Dancer, this interview is worth a listen if only to share in Turner’s excitement in finally having made it to the top.

00:00 – How Tina stays in shape and maintains her voice
01:41 – Her first number 1 single / eventual justice
02:25 – Thoughts on her competition
03:10 – Never having doubts
03:47 – Her dream
04:45 – Finally performing her own songs
05:07 – Why she was able to make a comeback album
06:03 – Why the album was the best one she ever made
06:52 – Appeasing different generations of fans
07:55 – The importance of breaking free of Ike
09:18 – Changing her career direction towards rock and roll
09:58 – Writing her own songs: using her inspirations and experiences
11:19 – How she started writing
11:51 – The racism still present in America vs. Europe
13:10 – “Private Dancer” by Mark Knopfler
14:04 – Initial impressions of “What’s Love Got To Do With It”
16:04 – Acting / the two sides of Tina Turner
18:03 – A ride through the charts with “What’s Love Got to Do With It”
19:32 – What set “What’s Love Got To Do With It” apart from the competition
20:58 – Not knowing what makes a hit record
22:05 – Reminiscing about an old live recording
22:41 – Videos as a contributing factor to her success

13 Replies to “Tina Turner – radio interview with Lisa Robinson – January 20, 1985”

  1. WOW! I had heard bits and pieces of this interview before but not the whole thing. I love her comment, “WHAT is GOING ON??” when referring to her age…. this is a the real deal with Tina, telling it like it is. She spoke so quickly back then and I noticed later in life, how she slowed down her words during interviews. THANK YOU!


    1. You’re welcome Hank, glad you like it! It’s true, she was much more loose and less careful here than during later interviews. Now it seems she really dreads interviews and everything is carefully planned. Love some more candid Tina!


  2. Tina speaks really fast… Like ..”next! next! next!!!” I like the part when she is not politically correct about the words black, nigger, slavery, etc.. Very down to earth. We can see some change in her speech. Nowadays she reflects more and studies her words much more. Take the interview on the Beyond release for example and compare… Change!


  3. Oh yes she speaks real fast and this interview has really confirmed to me that her accent has changed. I always fought with people that said it has but it’s so clear when you listen to this


  4. I think this is her trule, natural voice. She sounds great and warm and southern. So often since then, her accent has been so twee, contrived and self consciously lady like – I love her here!


  5. I think this is her trul, natural voice. She sounds great and warm and southern. So often since then, her accent has been so twee, contrived and self consciously lady like – I love her here!


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