Tina Turner & Children Beyond – Sports Awards Zurich – December 11, 2011 (updated December 23, 2011)

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The Children Beyond group: Tina Turner, Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay and the children performed at the Swiss Sports Awards in Zurich, Switzerland tonight. They performed “When You Sing” a medley of songs from the Children Beyond album, at the end of the gala show. The show was be broadcast live on Swiss television. Tina looked great, the ‘remix’ of Beyond songs sounded very fresh,  and Regula, Dechen and the children did excellent! Below, you will find the video of the performance. Continue reading for photos and a short video of Tina at the rehearsals yesterday plus photos from the performance itself.

Update December 23: the Beyond team provided the song that was performed ‘When You Sing’ as a free download – a special Christmas gift! Check it out here.

Video of the rehearsals yesterday, thanks to Mark

Photos of the rehearsals yesterday, from Blick.ch

Photos from the performance, thanks to SFR / Paolo Foschini


Some more photos, from Tilllate.com



52 Replies to “Tina Turner & Children Beyond – Sports Awards Zurich – December 11, 2011 (updated December 23, 2011)”

    1. Hi guys

      We had this performance yesterday with Tina, Regula and the kids.
      Thanks a lot for sharing it! On friday we are travelling to Berlin with Tina and the kids for “Ein Herz für Kinder” , the next great performance. We hope it will be a great success and we can spread the message: “Go BEYOND”.

      Thanks a lot for your support, you are great!!
      yours BEYOND Team


  1. My god, Tina is beautiful, my God I am the happy, Tina the area in good shape, physically she is beautiful and his heel .. tigress Grrr I love, hate to see her sing, she has physically changed, or it has a plan, or she just lost a bit like her …
    Anyway I’m happy for her, I hope that there will be photos and video of the concert of good quality .. THANK YOU TO BLOG


  2. Great postings! I would like to saw this kind of backstage material from the 2009 concert in the netherlands from the live dvd. Thanks for uploaden!!


  3. Tina looks FANTASTIC! She lost a lot of weight and has great makeup applied. She is still terrible at lip synching. I found a video on Youtube that is in synch and Tina is still off LOL

    I still LOVE the performance!


    1. That’s true, the lip-synching wasn’t very good. The problem is that it is impossible to do this live, with a choir of 30 children, three singers and all of this in a live tv-show. I’m sure Tina would prefer to do it live anyway. But, she’s improving: this saturday it will be perfect!


  4. Yes, she’s really bad at playback. It was at least better than at the press conference… That was embarrasing to see :). Great mix of the different songs… should be available as a single.


      1. Thank you very much for your compliments, and please pass our congratulations to the Beyond ladies and the children for a great performance last night! Looking forward very much to the next performance in Berlin! In what form will the performance ‘remix’ be made available, as a download? We hope you keep us updated on further developments of the Beyond project and good luck next saturday!


  5. Let’s hope the show will bring some attention back to the “Beyond” project. Children Beyond sales look disappointing compared to the first (and let’s face it, much better) Beyond CD. The album has already left the Swiss Top 50 album charts. Maybe a re-entry next week???


  6. What an amazing performance – it gives me goosebumps. Tina looks and sounds amazing – Tina will never retire. I’m so thrilled that Tina is involved in the the Beyond projects with Regula and Dechen and the kids


      1. Hi Ben & Sjef, thank you… This is a true gift. Thanks… Somehow it made me think about the All the invisible children film and the duet with Elisa, Teach me Again, I don’t know why I made this connection… I think in this case is joy and the duet is more … deep?? Will you guys make a topic about that experience (fiim/duet with Elisa)? Peace!


      2. Thanks Sergio for your comment, I’m glad you enoyed this performance! We will keep your suggestion about Teach Me Again in mind, for a future post on our blog.


  7. Tina est terriblement belle pour cette soirée. merci à vous pour les images et les vidéo et encore bravo pour vottre site que je consulte chaque matin ! VIVE TINA !


      1. lol! Bonjour, ce n’est pas une pro du playback ! Oui, c’est certain. Et que c’est rassurant! Tant mieux pour nous. J’aimerai tellement une autre tournée.
        je voulais vous dire aussi que j’aurai aimé être des votres à Amsterdam… peut être un jour! ENCORE BRAVO POUR LE SITE


  8. Thank you very much guys for a perfect and precise reports from each Tina´s public or unpublic performance. Special thanks for the last Sports Award Report. Many times your website makes my day more beautiful. TInaturnerblog.com is my first and last source about news of Tina. THANKS.


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