December 15, 1984: Tina performs in Melbourne, Australia

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27 years ago today, Tina Turner performed a concert in Melbourne, Australia at the Hilton hotel. This concert marked the end of her 1984 Private Dancer tour. Due to the unexpected success of the Private Dancer album, Tina was still playing at small venues that had been booked before her big comeback. In 1985, her Private Dancer world tour would continue, this time in large, sold-out arenas accross Europe and the United States. In this post you will find two songs from this concert from an excellent soundboard recording! Continue to listen to the songs.

I Might Have Been Queen


Set list of the concert:

01. Let’s Pretend We’re Married
02. Show Some Respect
03. I Might Have Been Queen
04. River Deep, Mountain High
05. Nutbush City Limits
06. What’s Love Got To Do With It?
07. I Can’t Stand The Rain
08. Better Be Good To Me
09. Private Dancer
10. Let’s Stay Together
11. Introduction of the band
12. Help
13. Proud Mary
14. Legs

18 Replies to “December 15, 1984: Tina performs in Melbourne, Australia”

  1. I got to see Tina perform her Private Dancer concert back in July 1985 in my hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick-Canada..( I still have my photos I took at the concert that night). I was lucky enough to watch the concert standing at the very front of the left hand part of the stage..If you remember the show, the stage had two extended walkways, one at the left and right.. It was one of the best concerts and nights of my life. The show was more than I ever imagined. To this day no other concert I have ever attended compares to that PD concert. I had gone to see Mad Max 3 – Beyond Thunderdome, the night before and was happy that Tina performed both songs from the movie at her concert.
    Kirk..Montreal, Canada


    1. I saw the Private Dancer concert twice in Montreal. I remember the day of the first concert (July 19, 1985) so vividly. My friend decided I was in Tina overload mode and decided that we see Back to Future before the concert and NOT Mad Max.
      The concert itself was amazing. I remember this huge burst of energy when she came on stage. Towards the end of the concert I managed to move myself from my third row seats to the front where I got to hold Tina’s hand. All I remember is heat and pushing her thumb ring back over her knuckle.
      All and all a great concert. I think my ears rang for two days afterwards.



      1. Hey Donald in (Toronto)… You got to see the PD concert twice? LUCKY, LUCKY.. Still one of the best concerts I ever got to attend..and had it not been for my mom buy me the concert ticket as a birthday present I never would have was that concert that sealed my love for Tina. I also got to touch her hand and leg… 🙂 🙂 and got to high five Kenny her piano player…I remember Timmy (Cappello) being amazing, not only as a musician but those freakin muscles… 🙂 Still wish they would release the full PD concert on dvd..
        Did you get the see the Break Every Rule concert show at the CNE in Toronto back in 1987?


      2. PS..I meant to say and should have said did you get the chance to see Tinas Break Every Rule concert in Montreal back in 1987..I was in Toronto for 3 weeks during the summer of 1987..Whitney Houston and Tina were performing their concerts within the same week at the CNE..sadly I did not get to attend either concert..Was always ticked that I never got to go to the Break Every Rule Tour… I did get to see her Wildest Dreams concert here in Montreal…


      3. Thanks Donald for this wonderful story! I’m sure it must be a dear memory. It’s so nice to read all these stories: would have loved to been around at that time! Such an exciting time for Tina and her fans!


    2. Thank you very much for sharing your memories! I don’t know if you have the possibility to scan these photos sometime, but we and I’m sure a lot of other fans would love to see them. Let us know if you are interested in sharing them on our blog?!


  2. I was at one of the Hilton concerts in Melbourne back then – the concert was awesome. I have no idea what the meal was because I didn’t eat it I was too excited. During the show a lady (who was drunk) asked Tina if Timmy had all the muscles in all the right places? Tina looked at Timmy, and Timmy picked up his room key and waved it around 🙂 Because we got there early we heard quite a bit of the previous concert – it was pure magic. I took lots of photos and not once did Tina tell me to stop. It was an absolutely wonderful evening.



    1. Thank you very much Saskia for sharing your memories. It is so cool that you were there! I can’t imagine how exciting (and also bizarre) it must be seeing Tina in such a strange setting. They actually served dinner during the show? You are very lucky to have seen her right before she became the mega star she is today!


  3. I was 4 years old when Tina did this tour. My Mum and Dad recorded the concert off the televsion and we played it time and time again! I still have this video recording, it is still watchable, but ‘jumpy’ in places. I was so pleased when they released it on DVD, it is one of my all time favourite concerts. It is special to me because it is the first concert I ever saw of Tina and I’ve idolised her ever since. I love the passion and enthusiasm from Tina and her band on stage. Tina totally rocks and always owns the stage. The audience are and always will be in the palm of her hand. She never has lost her passion and enthusiasm.Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you Faye for sharing those very nice memories with us!Guess there’s a lot of us that have similar memories for a certain Tina concert or a certain song…Anyway, thanks for commenting Faye!


  4. Fantastic how Miss Tina Turner has given hope and inspiration to our world and the whole Universe since the Australian tour all those magical years ago …Good luck to her and ‘The Childred Beyond’ in Berlin – Earth Angels spreading love and light to All …hope to be able to join them in person before too lond ….heartfelt seasonal Greetings from Anna, The Breather, in England …toi toi toi …


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