Tina Turner – Break Every Rule press kit – 1986

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A press release and photos issued to journalists in 1986 for the promotion of Tina Turner’s new studio album Break Every Rule. Also included is a press release and photo from 1988 about the end of the Break Every Rule world tour in Osaka; this was Tina’s biggest tour up to that point. Continue reading for the scans. Big thank you goes out to Alan for providing these!

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11 Replies to “Tina Turner – Break Every Rule press kit – 1986”

  1. The Break Every Rule album is really special. It’s maybe my favorite one. I can’t get enough of “Afterglow”, “Girls” and the other tracks. It seems the songs were taylor-made for her and the lyrics suits her very well. It’s a very emotional and even spiritual album – just listen to “Girls”, “Paradise is Here” and “I’ll be Thunder”. A masterpiece in my opinion.


  2. Hey T-Rox, i (Ben) thought nobody would reply to this post since it was posted just a few minutes before the “no come back” interview of Tina so thanks for commenting (again 😉 )
    Yes i was listening to it again the other day and like in PD & FA, there’s a lot of personal background stuff in certain songs. Being french i didn’t understand everything she was saying when i became a fan at 12 in 95.
    But now that my english has improved a bit and i am i used to Tina very own way of singing i can understand, so anyway, yes, BER is a great album, but there’s something missing in the album (some kind of unity maybe) and it’s not as good as PD & FA for me.
    “BWYS”, “BER”, “Girls”, & “IBT” are highlights. Never really liked “TM”.


  3. I agree with T-Rox, I never liked Typical Male, sometimes I thought it was ok, but it was not the best track. Loved Back Where You Started and Break Every Rule, oh and Overnight Sensation!


  4. I agree with Ben, there has always been something missing with this album. My favourite albums are Private Dancer and Foreign Affair. I was never keen on Typical Male either, but on her last tour I really grew to like it! My favourite songs on this album are what you get is what you see, break every rule, back where you started and paradise is here. I become a fan from the private dancer album when I was 4!


  5. I think a little bit different of you all. For me, Typical Male is a perfect song. It was a perfect single choice for Tina back in 1986. It’s vibrant, joyful and really rhythmic. Her vocals are astounding.

    “What You Get Is What You See” is incredible, almost like Dire Straits-meets Tina-meets country.

    I don’t feel there’s something missing in the album… I feel this way about “Twenty Four Seven”… that was an “incomplete” album in my opinion.

    I really love “Break Every Rule” – a very “complete” album for me. I love every single track. It’s the Tina album that I play the most on my ipod: I just love the relaxed atmosphere in the songs. Perfect to listen in the sunset. And the songs reflects Tina’s state of mind back in the mid-eighties: a single woman still searching for love and happiness, still trying to make her personal life right. The lyrics of every song suits Tina perfectly.

    “Two People” is a very emotional ballad, very simply and very warm. Perfect for a rainy day.

    “I’ll Be Thunder”, “Paradise is Here”, “Girls” are three of Tina’s best vocal work ever.

    “Private Dancer” and “Foreign Affair” are also amazing albums. But, for me, “Break Every Rule” is a little bit more intense. PD was very strong, and very classic. FA was incredible from start to finish. But, BER has something that I can’t describe, it’s beyond words for me… maybe because it’s her most emotional album… the vocals and the lyrics and the songs are very moving, very intense (just listen to the ballads of the album.


  6. I Also think her vocals on “Typical male” are great. And I love the video.
    I think it’s her second best album after “Foreign Affair”.
    My favorite tracks have to be “Paradise is Here”, “Break every rule” ( especially live i think its amazing), “Afterglow”, “Till the right man comes along” and “What you get”…


  7. I think, my special interest in mixes (“Is there a remix of it?”) started with the maxi LP singles of the Break Every Rule album. My all-time fav is the title song itself and its remixed and extended versions. The video of that song is, of coruse, great because it was recorded in Dortmund, in the region of Germany where I was born.


  8. My favourite album!
    The songs are perfect, is all Tina styles in here, all great vocals, all perfect lyrics.
    Realy love all Lp, favourites:
    Break Every Rule, Thunder, Paradise, Girls, People.
    BER mixes are the best also the video, supra!


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