December 30, 1999: Tina performs in Las Vegas

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12 years ago today, Tina Turner performed at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, United States. This was one of two ‘Millenium concerts’, the second concert took place one day later on December 31st. The shows were double headliner gigs with Elton John. Tina & Elton were originally supposed to go on tour together, but these plans were cancelled after an argument during the rehearsals for their Divas Live appearance earlier that year (see here). These two concerts in Las Vegas were the only shows they did together, however, Tina and Elton played separate sets and didn’t appear on stage together. The show on December 30 was open to everybody, the real new year’s eve show a day later was a private show. Below, you will find three songs from this concert and the set list of Tina’s show.

Steamy Windows

Missing You

Hold On, I’m Coming

Set list

01. Steamy Windows
02. River Deep, Mountain High
03. Missing You
04. Private Dancer
05. We Don’t Need Another Hero
06. Let’s Stay Together
07. I Can’t Stand The Rain
08. Givin’ It Up For Your Love
09. Hold On, I’m Coming
10. The Best
11. What’s Love Got To Do With It?
– Band introduction –
12. Proud Mary
13. Addicted To Love
14. Nutbush City Limits

27 Replies to “December 30, 1999: Tina performs in Las Vegas”

  1. thank you for sharing these tracks.
    her live version of “missing you” is simply beautiful, haunting and deeply soulful – i wish it were available.


    1. You’re welcome! Missing You is especially interesting: very well performed, but it seems like her voice changed quite a bit form the Wildest Dreams tour. This must have been the last time she performed Missing You live. It’s a shame, would’ve loved to have heard it during the last tour. Very raw emotions and Tina really makes it her own!


    1. You’re welcome! Tina was first, Elton came after her. During the introductions she actually mentions that Jack Bruno is also playing later in Elton’s band because ‘he’s that good!’.


  2. I have always found ‘missing you’ full of deep, raw emotion, whether it is performed studio or live. It seems to move me every time I listen to it. I love this song.


  3. for me she was not at her best vocally during this concert, just listen to this Steamy Windows and listen to the one recorded on her birthday and remember she had flu on her birthday concert but it’s still more powerful than this, she seems to struggle a bit more with her voice here anyway thanx for posting, i wish i could see the visual concert


    1. You’re welcome, and I agree, her voice was a bit off somehow. But she did a lot of promotion in those months for her new album, and it was her first full concert in more than 2 years: she even mentions this some time during the show. So, she wasn’t in the best shape maybe.


  4. I think this is the best rendition of Missing You…I especially love the piano arrangement, especially the piano bit after she sings “Sending you this signal tonight…” it’s brilliant! 🙂


  5. Anne mae, Aka, Tina,

    I have never met you in person, but that would be Nice,
    I just want to say, “I Love You” For Your Inspiration.,
    You have given to me to grow as a person..and as Woman!!!

    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


  6. i never experienced a worse concert of tina as the one on 30th dec. she was in a bad mood but as always professional. In the beginning she apologised for not having had time for rehearsal….and her russian background singer and dancer were awful. The audience was full of asiens who won the tickets in the casinos…and they slept during the concert! The whole first rows were full of sleeping and bored asien tourists. that was really a shame for everyone, including for tina who obviousley had no fun on stage, too.


  7. I was at the private Millenium 12/31/99 Caesars Palace concert and she was amazing! She handed me the mic during What’s Love Got To Do With It and we got to sing with her. Thrill of a lifetime! The show was taped, but I couldn’t track down a way to get a copy. I’d love to buy a video of that show!!


  8. Creo que missin you está un tono más bajo que la versión original, para que Tina llegue, porque en esta era se le nota que estaba mal de la voz.


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