Tina Turner – live on Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Australia – 1997

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Today is the one year anniversary of our blog, and for this special occasion, we would like to share these electrifying performances of Tina Turner on the Australian TV-show Hey Hey It’s Saturday, back in 1997. Tina was on the show to promote her Wildest Dreams album and the Australian leg of the Wildest Dreams tour. She sings three songs: Goldeneye, Let’s Stay Together and Proud Mary, and is joined by her full live band. Continue reading for the videos of these amazing live performances. Furthermore, we would like to thank all our visitors for the support for this blog over the past year. We hope to continue bringing you the latest Tina news, and the best classics from our archives, for many years to come!


Let’s Stay Together & interview

Proud Mary

29 Replies to “Tina Turner – live on Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Australia – 1997”

    1. Thank you Anja, of course we have to keep the Tina community alive. And thank you to you too for doing the same, with the Birthday party, Facebook groups and Tina campaigns! Awesome!


  1. Happy 1 yr Birthday/anniversary – and what a wonderful year it’s been!! We appreciate your hard work and keeping us informed with all of the latest Tina news! 🙂


    1. Thank you very much! Indeed, it was a great year for Tina news, let’s hope that the next one will be at least as exciting. And thank you for your contributions to our blog, your interview and your nice comments!


  2. I’m so lucky to have come across that blog….Tina is one of my favourite performers. Happy First Anniversary from an extremely grateful new member.



  3. Happy 1st birthday/anniversary. Thank you for a great blog, full of old and new news. Tina is my favourite singer, I have idolised her most of my life and I always will. I love viewing your blog, thanks again.


  4. Hello fellas! (Tina uses this word a lot, has anyone noticed?)
    Congratulations for your first year. It’s a pleasure to receive your posts and it’s always a nice present when I check your blog and find something like this.
    About the post: it’s so nice to see Tina taking Let’s stay together (unplugged) in such nice control. Nice and easy!
    To you, fellas, As Tina said in 24/7: “GO AHEAD!”


  5. Happy to have found this blog. It is very nice. I have been a Tina fan all my life. She is “Simply The Best” Love her and your blog keep up the good work, Ben & Sjef.


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