Tina Turner Fan of the Month: Marcin

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The latest addition to our growing list of interviews with Tina Turner’s fans: Marcin.

Name: Marcin

Hometown: Leeds, United Kingdom (originally Poland)

Favorite Tina song: ‘I love them all!’

Favorite Tina album: Foreign Affair and Wildest Dreams

Favorite Tina tour: Foreign Affair

Number of Tina concerts: 30 shows and 1 TV appearance

Marcin, 31 years old, is originally from Poland, but he moved a few years ago to Leeds, United Kingdom where he works as a meetings and events manager at the Hilton hotel. He has been a Tina fan since he was four years old, saw her perform live more than 30 times and is a dedicated collector!

When and how did you discover Tina?

I first saw Tina on television in Poland. On Sundays, there was a show on Polish TV, where they played music from “the west” (they usually played Tina or Madonna).  It was love at first sight! I remember as well that my aunty bought me some Tina cassettes in Germany.

What was the first thing that attracted you to her?

Her stage persona, voice, hair… and the red lipstick, haha!

A younger version of Marcin, waiting for Tina in front row – Hamburg 2000

When did you first go to a Tina concert and what was it like?

It was in Berlin, Germany, during Tina’s 1996 Wildest Dreams tour. Actually, I don’t remember too much from that show. I was so exited that I couldn’t stop screaming!

You went to thirty concerts, what is your fondest memory from these concerts?

It was at the first European show from her last tour, in Cologne 2009. During the song Nutbush, Tina was on ‘the claw’, dancing above the audience. I was holding a poster that said ‘Hottest Granny On Earth’. Tina saw the poster, and she started laughing! She pointed at me and said “Now you sing Nutbush!”. I was completely blown away!

Marcin (left) holding the Hottest Granny poster – with fellow fans after Tina’s concert in Cologne

What is the importance of Tina’s music, and ‘Tina fandom’, in your life?

I’ve always loved her music, from the first time I saw her on singing What’s Love Got To Do With It on television. Tina is a big part of my life: I even have a room in my house with my collection, that is completely dedicated to her!

Are you in contact with a lot of other Tina fans?

Thanks to Tina’s concerts and events, I’ve made many great friends all over the world. Having this friendship with other Tina fans is a wonderful way of sharing my own Tina experiences, especially through Facebook… and the Tina Turner Blog of course!

How do non-fans react when they hear you are so crazy about Tina Turner?

Most of my work colleagues and friends know about my ‘Tina obsession’. My partner has no choice: he just has to live with it, haha!

A part of Marcin’s collection in his special ‘Tina room’

What other music do you like besides Tina?

Joe Cocker, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, and more…

Will Tina ever tour again?

I don’t think so, but well… you never know!

21 Replies to “Tina Turner Fan of the Month: Marcin”

  1. Marcin! Always good memories with you on tour and off tour! Just think of us going all the way from Miami to Key West or from Miami to Orlando … or to Zurich in 2004 and all across Europe!


  2. unless we all want to live TINY … niewżę where you need to collect signatures and send the tinie I mute the address, and can be as little concert 11/26/2012 TINA years would have the time to prepare


  3. Thanks for sharing. Marcin’s story is similar to mine, I became a Tina fan at 4 years old too and I’m now 31! I love your Tina room.


  4. Hello team blog of Tina, I’m Thieres Duarte, I am 19 years old, live in Brazil. I’m a fan of Tina, I love it too, unfortunately I can realize my dream to meet her, but I love her too much, and even though she does not know me, it only exists already worth it. I love it too, is my diva, my queen, my idol. Please if you can help me know-there will be a pleasure, I do not want to appear, I really love her, just listen to her. it is simply the best. And I do what you want to be fan of the month of the blog, so maybe she knows me, give me a chance to appear on the blog. I am an actor and I follow her artistic career with her ​​as inspiration.


    1. hi thieres

      never say never , when you talk about Tina. I also thought it was impossible to meet her. but i kept on dreaming and believing it and it did happend. It was such a wonderfull experience she is such a lady so different then the persona on stage. I never met a lady with such grace, love and care. I saw tina many times( 38 times) all over the world. the last tour i managed it only to see her 5 times, but it was crazy with the seating, not fun at all. and so expensive. I was lucky to be on second row at atlanta. And yes the dancers recogniced me after 8 years incredible. So Thieres don’t give up your dream ,it mide happen sooner then you think and hold on to the dream you’ll meet tina for sure if it’s not in this life it will be in the next one.


      1. Thanks Kurt for the encouraging words. I hope the destination is generous to me and make me to know. I love her too much and do not have words to describe the story of her life is fantastic, she’s incredible. Had in Brazil in 1988 and never returned, I was not born, but if they return I would do anything to go on his show. Tina I love you! (I’m using google translator and I do not know if it is translated correctly, if you have any problem in writing is the fault of google kkk, if you want to contact me on my twitter follow me @ thieres_duarte I go back) I resign in the meantime become accompanying this excellent blog and videos and dVDs of Tina. Bye ….


  5. Pozdrowienia dla Marcina z Polski od Tomasza, największego fana Tiny w Polsce 🙂
    Greeings for Marcin from Tomasz – the biggest Tinas fan in Poland 🙂


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