February 19, 2009: Tina fighting Philip on stage in Mannheim, Germany

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A very short, but funny, video of Tina Turner ‘punching’ her Ninja Philip Sahagun on stage during the band introductions of her concert in Mannheim, Germany on February 19, 2009. The four Ninja’s were performing their martial art skills during the costume changes on Tina’s last tour in 2008 and 2009. During the band introductions, Tina gave them the stage to show some tricks to the audience. This day, Tina herself decided she would join them with her acting skills, the result: a knock-out in round one! As Tina would say: just having fun! Big thank you to Lars who recorded this video.

7 Replies to “February 19, 2009: Tina fighting Philip on stage in Mannheim, Germany”

  1. Great! Can you believe it’s 3 years, it still feels like yesterday. I’ve just watched Tina this afternoon. I can never get enough!


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