Mad Max Behind Thunderdome: on set with Aunty Entity

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Late 1984, early 1985, in the middle of Australian summer, Tina Turner was filming the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, alongside Mel Gibson. She performed the role of Aunty Entity. It was Tina’s childhood dream to become a movie star: aged 45 she realized that dream. The movie was recorded in the scorching heat of the Australian desert: people passed out on the set. However, Tina enjoyed every single second of it: she has often referred to this experience as one of the most enjoyable of her career. Continue reading for some on set photos of Aunty Entity in full attire!

11 Replies to “Mad Max Behind Thunderdome: on set with Aunty Entity”

  1. Hey Mark, thanks for your comment. You can see the photos in larger version if you click on the “permalink” under the picture. Then you’ll have the photo in another window. Click on “full size is 1408×2083” to get the real size of the image and you’ll see that they are in great definition !-)


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