Tina Turner’s pension plan? Her fans: wat er ook gebeurt!

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Above, you can watch a commercial that Tina Turner did for the Dutch insurance company Nationale Nederlanden in 1996. In the commercial, you see footage of Tina looking younger through the years. This leads to the question: does this wonder of eternal youth need a pension plan? Tina answers: ‘You bet I do: my fans are my pension plan!’. After that she says (in Dutch!) the slogan of the company ‘wat er ook gebeurt’ – whatever happens. This commercial was broadcast on television in the Netherlands at the end of 1996, and includes footage from Tina’s concerts in the Amsterdam Arena in the same year.

10 Replies to “Tina Turner’s pension plan? Her fans: wat er ook gebeurt!”

  1. I’ve never seen this advert before, it’s great! I wish she would tour again so her fans can give her more of her pension!


  2. i see it and i have it on my pc but don´t know what she is saying..thanks guys…
    normaly tina is in pension for about 7 years:)))


  3. well well, my Dear Tina,

    You worked very hard, to be where you are today,
    “Enjoy Your life”,
    You deserve so much more!!!!
    and I hope your wishes all come true,
    “May God Bless You and Yours Always”

    May Your light shine forever….
    Thank You for everything that you have shared with us.

    I would love to have the honor to have met you one day



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