April 27, 2000: Tina performing Nutbush City Limits in Phoenix

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A highlight on many of Tina Turner’s concert tour: the claw. During her last two tours, she performed Nutbush City Limits while swinging over the audience, asking them to sing it, one more time! Smiling faces, teeth, no teeth! Check out this version, an audience recording taken in Phoenix, Arizona during the first leg of her Twenty Four Seven millennium tour, on April 27, 2000.

10 Replies to “April 27, 2000: Tina performing Nutbush City Limits in Phoenix”

  1. you say nutbush andi say one more time……..i love this version so much…..nutbush one more time, nutbush one more time:))))thanks for sharing:)


  2. Para mi es una de las mejores versiones, en cada presentacion se supera o mejor dicho se superaba, con este block es como si estuviera de gira aun .Lo disfruto igual, gracias


    1. The claw is always one of the highlight of Tina’s concert! But since i’ve watched “This is it”, i can’t help myself thinking of MJ and how scary it was to see him on a claw while he was rehearsing for his last tour that never happen. Tina seems to really enjoy it while it looked like a nightmare for MJ and his crew, afraid that he would fall or something.


      1. I can’t imagine MJ doing the claw, I will have to watch ‘This is it’. Tina definately enjoys the claw and throughout all her concerts, her energy and enthasium shines through.


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