May 13, 1993: World Music Awards honor the legend Tina Turner

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19 years ago today, on May 13, 1993, Tina Turner performed and received an award at the World Music Awards ceremony in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Tina arrived in town two days earlier, apparently by motorcycle (see above photo), for a photo session. Then, during the show, she was awarded with a Legend Award, presented to her by Hollywood movie star Michael Douglas. She also took the opportunity to perform her new single I Don’t Wanna Fight (No More) from the soundtrack of her 1993 biopic What’s Love Got To Do With It? She was recieved very enthusiastically by the audience, consisting of among others Michael Jackson , Claudia Schiffer and Prince Albert. Continue reading for a couple of photos from this event, plus the video of Tina performing and accepting her award.

21 Replies to “May 13, 1993: World Music Awards honor the legend Tina Turner”

  1. This was the day I met Tina! By the pool at this photo session before the Press Conference and got her autograph too! What a day that was! Thanks for posting! Great memories.


  2. This was and still is one of my favorite songs by Tina, it should be an anthem, this world we live in is so angry all the time. Tina if you read this, I know you cannot perform forever, I’m for one really miss your singing and performing, there is no other like you. You are truly unique. Your biggest American fan, Mark S. Brown of the U.S.A.


  3. OMG, how much I love her. Her speech is so powerfull the same as her singing or dancing performance. Thank you guys for posting such a good written articles that make my day everytime.


  4. Tina deserves the legends award. There is no one else like her, she is simply the best. Tina has a great presence on and off stage.


  5. I need to tell something to Tina Turner (maybe you can help me telling her my message) : It is not possible to find the very first album of Tina Turner on CD “Tina Turns the Country On”. I think she should release it on a Compact Disc, because that album is only available on LP. This is very important ! And the second thing I wanted to tell to Tina Turner is “Thank you to be here, with your voice and exceptionnal energy ! You are GREAT !”


    1. Oh, there is a little mistake from me : “Tina Turner Turns The Country On” is a country album music… I thought this was something like “Tina Turner Turns The Land On”. I hate country music… But for those who like, the CD version is simply called “Tina Turnber Sings Country”. Now, I think this is the only one mistake on Tina Turner’s career, that album. All that she has done is perfectly GREAT ! She’s really THE BEST !!!!


      1. She’s the most creative, powerful, and such a strong living symbol. She triumphed on age, on human limits, on star carreer longevity, on staying fresh and powerful just like she had 40 ! INCREDIBLE !!!! CONGRATULATIONS AND MY BEST WISHES TO HER !!!!


  6. Sin dudas la Sra. Tina Turner es y será la mejor por siempre, les quiero agradecer todas las entregas que hacen por medio de este blog, sigan así.
    Sería maravilloso que algún día volviera al escenario.


  7. I remember this very well. I ran after this video (in a video tape) from a friend for weeks and finally i got it! And here it is again 😉 This song is amazing, such a deep message… And how can we describe Tina’s dress? hhhmmm From the video it looks like MJ was a fan also…
    This song is fresh still now, can you feel it also?


  8. There are no words except “SIMPLY THE BEST”. Thank you for giving your best and beyond for so many years. Your energy defies words. I do believe Cher said is best that you are a “force of nature”.


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