What’s Mix Got To Do With It? (Zimmer Rework)

Here is a very interesting ‘rework’ (we shouldn’t say remix) of Tina Turner’s one and only US number 1 hit single What’s Love Got To Do With It? that has been going around online for the past week. It was created by a Paris’ based DJ and producer called Zimmer – you can check him out on Facebook. It is really cool new tune – it sounds fresh without losing the feel of the original song. So we are excited – what do you think?! Enjoy it and you can also download the song here!



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13 responses to “What’s Mix Got To Do With It? (Zimmer Rework)

  1. David

    Excellent Thank you!

  2. Faye

    Great remix, thanks.

  3. Biggie

    I usually hate a lot of these remixs, but I do like this one! Thank you guys

  4. mark

    You guys are right, this sounds so fresh and modern. Good dance beat also. Keep up the goo work.

  5. marga

    Si!!! me gusta, esto demuestra que Tina está siempre vigente. Gracias.

  6. Jose Moreno

    great work!! thanks

  7. Jozef

    I love remixes in general but i must say this one is really good. Tina has many more unofficial remixes which are amazing but I´ve never heard them in clubs. I hope that´s gonna change. Maybe some Tina fans could become DJ´s. Like Zimmer 🙂 Time after tima I can hear Tina´s WHAT´S LOVE or THE BEST but that´s it. And most of them were my request 😉

  8. eric

    i have to admit too,not a fan of remix but this is gooood!!i can see TT perform this,very close to the original but yet very,very current.i wish i could let Tina hear how her work is timeless

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