What’s Mix Got To Do With It? (Zimmer Rework)

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Here is a very interesting ‘rework’ (we shouldn’t say remix) of Tina Turner’s one and only US number 1 hit single What’s Love Got To Do With It? that has been going around online for the past week. It was created by a Paris’ based DJ and producer called Zimmer – you can check him out on Facebook. It is really cool new tune – it sounds fresh without losing the feel of the original song. So we are excited – what do you think?! Enjoy it and you can also download the song here!

13 Replies to “What’s Mix Got To Do With It? (Zimmer Rework)”

  1. I love remixes in general but i must say this one is really good. Tina has many more unofficial remixes which are amazing but I´ve never heard them in clubs. I hope that´s gonna change. Maybe some Tina fans could become DJ´s. Like Zimmer 🙂 Time after tima I can hear Tina´s WHAT´S LOVE or THE BEST but that´s it. And most of them were my request 😉


  2. i have to admit too,not a fan of remix but this is gooood!!i can see TT perform this,very close to the original but yet very,very current.i wish i could let Tina hear how her work is timeless


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