Tina at Armani’s ‘One Night Only’ in Beijing

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We are very happy to finally be able to share some new pictures of Tina Turner. Last night, she attended the Giorgio Armani ‘One Night Only’ fashion event at the New Tank venue in Beijing, China. She looked fabulous and classy! It was a very exclusive showcase of Armani’s different collections, and Mary J. Blige performed at the event. It was Tina’s first city to Beijing, and in the days before she visited some of the tourist highlights, including the Forbidden City.

Tina spoke a few words to a reporter (source WWD.com):

Before the show began, Turner spoke about her first impressions. “I’m thoroughly impressed,” she said, taking note of Beijing’s surprising spring greenery.
As to why she traveled around the world for an Armani event, Turner explained that she is a fan, but that, more practically, “I wear Armani.”
“What I love about Giorgio’s designs is not only the creativity but also the versatility,” she said.

And from Armani.com:

Tina Turner selected a bowie jacket with built-in cape, in silk cady embroidered all over with shanked haematite pearls with jewelled zip detail from Giorgio Armani Privé collection.

Update: some more photos added. A dinner also took place yesterday at Beijing’s 1949 restaurant. See photo 12 below.
Update 2: many new pictures added during the day.
Update 3 (June 13): check out this video – a report from Italian television, featuring an interview with Tina, starting at 7.00 mins (there are some shots of Tina earlier on in the video). Not much news during the interview (dubbed in Italian) except that she has no plans to tour ‘at the moment’. Thanks to Davide for finding and sharing this video!
Update 4 (June 14): another video appeared online – a short interview with Tina before the event. See below. Thanks to Nikola for notifying us!

37 Replies to “Tina at Armani’s ‘One Night Only’ in Beijing”

  1. Mes amis, encore merci. Ces photos font remonter notre énergie à 200 km à l’heure. Je me sens Twenty Four Seven. Le coté zen de Tina nous emmène dans tous ses voyages. Merccccccccciiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


  2. She looks so beautiful!!! 🙂 Is she lying about her age? haha She looks at least 10 years younger than her actual age!!


  3. I have been disturbed about Tina recently: by so much “outness” during the “Beyond” broadcast, and by the nature and implications of her retirement statement – both what she is no longer going to do, and what she is going to do. I was sensing a bitterness, a resentment, and a seriously wrong turning in her Spiritual Life’s Path.

    But at this event she is so clearly, genuinely enjoying herself! It’s not just that her smile is returning to her face. Look in her eyes! Her eyes!

    Thank you, Ben. Thank you, Sjef. My concerns for her have been considerably relieved. I’m cautiously optimistic that she’s back on the beam again, thanks in part to this wonderful jaunt!


  4. Tina looks great and every year she looks real different for Armani (just compare the 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and the 2012 events). I think last year she looked much better (outfit, hair, makeup), but I understand she wants to do something different and not repeat herself. This year, she is looking a little bit more conservative, but she’s still a real beauty.


  5. She looks really good ,NATURALLY good. I wanna see her jewelry collection so bad can you imagine it?
    Somebody in Hollywood really should wake the hell
    up and cast her in a REAL movie. I also wish she
    would team up with a Electronic DJ-Producer and
    release a dance single so the new generation can discover the true legend


  6. Wow, she still looks good. And without botox, she has some wrinkels. She is the best example that plastic surgery and botox are unnecessary.


  7. Tina Turner will always be the best. She is very beautiful and special. I love her. Go Tina go. May we please have more. As much as we would be happy to see her on stage again but we wish her some rest.


  8. Tina te felicito y lo mejor de lo mejor de todo el universo para una mujer que nos ha sabido cautivar con su voz y encanto, con su entereza y determinacion, con su elegancia y audacia, en fin con todo tu ser hermoso y lleno de vida y alegria. Desde ARGENTINA te saluda un fan tuyo por siempre, PABLO.


  9. I would love to meet Tina Turner . just once .such an amazing woman and performer. wonder when she will come to Canada?


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