A sick Tina Turner on Aspel and Company

Tina Turner is always the professional, and often pushing herself to the extremes. She is very reluctant to cancel any appearance, even when she is ill. Of February 17, 1990, she appeared on British chat show Aspel and Company to promote her new album Foreign Affair and her coming European tour. She was clearly very ill and not feeling well. When asked by presenter Michael Aspel whether this was really going to be her last tour, she replied: I wish I could quit right now! Check out the video above for the interview, as well as Tina performing her single Steamy Windows on the show.

19 thoughts on “A sick Tina Turner on Aspel and Company”

  1. Thanks Ben and Sjef. I had no idea that the movie WLGTDWI was in the process of being made this early on (1990). Tina has been called a ‘diva’ and I suppose in some ways she typically is but for the most part, she’s a trouper; you know, those professionals who let nothing standing in the way of giving their fans what they want. A cold would never stop Tina! She looked great but dressed very conservatively (for her) back then. I wonder if she was fighting her sexy image? No matter her illness, she lip synched the best I think I’ve ever seen her attempt!

  2. Thank you for that, Really Intresting to hear what Tina was thinking back then, I would of loved to see her in more movie roles! And for a sick performer that wasn’t bad dancing even if it was lip synched đŸ™‚

    1. Hi Joe, yes i guess we all feel a bit bitter about Tina’s movie career. Especially back in 2004 when she was about to play in The Goddess…still a bit regret for me (Ben). Thanks for your comment!

  3. Ciao Tina Turner le tue canzzoni del albun di Foreign Affair che tu hai scrito con il cuore e con la passione che metti ogni giorno della giornata è veramentte molto bello da ascoltare . Perche la tua meravigliosa vace e veramente molto dolce . cioa mia Tina Turner

  4. I am simply obsessed with Tina’s video interviews. I have seen loads of past interviews on youtube and it’s amazing how coherent Tina has been. In relation to the movie WLGTDWI, Tina has been talking about it since 1987, during the Break Every Rule Tour Promotion. Thank you so much for this “new” interview. I am not always commenting, but I’m always enjoying this blog and the amazing posts.

  5. Ciao Tina Turner le tue canzoni del albun di Foreign Affair che tu hai scrito con il cuore e con la passione che metti ogni giorno della giornata. E devo dire che le tue canzoni sono veramente scrite con il cuore e con il talento che metti ogni giorno della giornata ciao miao unica Tina Turner

  6. When you compare how Tina was so professional and never let anything stop her from performing compared with current singers.

    They have tantrums and dont go on. Even the staid Susan Boyle can get quite bad tempered and storm out.


    1. I guess you can call it the “Ike Turner School”…Its a real mark of respect towards her audience, Tina is known for never cancelling a show unless there’s a very very very good reason. People bought a ticket to see you perform, they probably travelled a bit, maybe a restaurant, baby sitter…theres the technicians working for you. If you are not performing, they are not getting paid…
      Tina is very aware of that but unfortunatly, it seems like those principles are not trendy this days especially among young performers…

  7. Ciao Bella, tu affettuoso, Tina Turner. I understand that the U.S has not always treated you kindly, but your adornare fans in the U.S love you very much. I know you’re tired of singing, but your fans always wishes to her you sing, and move w/ such grace effortlessly across the stage. A natural.

    I tried feverishly to get tickets when you performed in NYC @ Radio City, but of course you were sold out. Even my big time boss at Rockefeller Center couldn’t get me tickets, and nothing. Will you ever do one last show in NY again, before you retire completely? I have a cousin who lives in Germany, I am suppose to visit for Christmas there, will you be doing any shows in Germany? Maybe, i could get him to take me, plus i don’t speak german, unfortunately. Last thing will you be @ the Music Grammys in the States 2013? I put in a request for you so I hope they consider asking you. Lately, we’ve be losing too many Icons, and I wish you many more blessed years, but would like you to try once again to come back to sing @ the Grammys & receive an award or pass out one for the younger generation, and show them how it’s done. XOXO

    1. Hi Glennis, Tina has no plan to appear in public anytime soon…So there’s very little chance that she appears at the Grammy in 2013 but you never know! Thanks for your comment.

      1. Thank you for responding, & yes my cousin in germany said the same Ms. Tina Turner hasn’t performed in Germany since 2009. Oh well, you never know, I will keep pestering The Grammy Exec. Kelly Darr of Events to consider Ms. Tina. Even if she just “Host” the Grammys’.

        Enjoy the SUMMER BREAK!!!!!

      2. Hmmmm not sure Tina would enjoy hosting the Grammys…But maybe she’ll be back there in 2014 for the 30 years of Private Dancer! Enjoy your holiday also Glennis!

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