Tina’s take on Take Me To The River

In 1986, Tina Turner recorded her version of the Al Green classic Take Me To The River, also famous in the version by Talking Heads. The song was only released as a b-side to her 1987 single What You Get Is What You See from her Break Every Rule album. The song was never released in any other form. Below, you can listen to this song!



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4 responses to “Tina’s take on Take Me To The River

  1. laurel

    Always loved this version 🙂

  2. marga

    Muy buena, me encanto, nunca espero menos de una profesional del calibre de la Sra. Tina Turner. Gracias!!!!

  3. Matti

    I wonder if this track is another ´leftover´ from the Private Dancer sessions, since I believe it was produced by the guys who did Let´s Stay Together. I also remember reading somewhere that there were many songs recorded at that time which didn´t make it to any album.

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