Tina Turner has it all: 8 Grammy Awards, inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, number 1 hit singles, record-breaking world tours – but you know you really made it big when you have… a rose named after you! That’s right: during the 1990 National Garden Festival, Bob Thompson of the National Garden Association created an orange-colored rose and named it after Tina. She received the flower before one of her gigs at the International Stadium at Gateshead, United Kingdom – part of her 1990 Foreign Affair world tour. She mentioned she would plant it in her own garden and good news: we found a website where you can still order them. Our good friend Enrico has Tina’s rose in his garden, but he warns, it is not an easy plant! If you continue reading, you can read some articles about this special flower that appeared in the British press at that time, as well as some photos of it in full-bloom in Enrico’s garden! Thanks to Alan for providing the articles, and to Enrico for the information and photos.

Above: the flower in Enrico’s garden

Below: newspaper articles, click on them to enlarge



12 Replies to “TINA: The English Rose”

  1. Tan bella como ella. Tina tiene la belleza, la gracia y la frescura de esa rosa, y lo pudimos apreciar en cada una de sus interpretaciones.


  2. ES VERDAD……TINA ES NUESTRA ROSA (como un dato nada mas, agrego que la propia Tina declaro que es alergica a las rosas..ja)


  3. Couldn’t find the rose on the website. Found one called “Simply The Best” which is my favorite deep shade of orange. Absolutely gorgeous! Could it be that one? I have read that Tina especially loves white roses, though. Thank you for reposting this, Ben. Love it!


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