June 28, 1990: Tina’s boyfriend; Azzedine

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An audience recording of Tina Turner performing her single I Don’t Wanna Lose You, live during her concert on June 28, 1990 at the Palace of Versailles in France. The quality of the recording is not the best, but what is funny about the track is especially Tina’s introduction: “I’m gonna do this one for, my boyfriend. I call him Azzedine.” She is referring of course to Tunisian fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa, who designed many outfits for Tina during the 1980’s. But who knows, maybe her then still ‘new’ boyfriend Erwin Bach was also in the audience! A romantic love song on a summer’s evening!



16 Replies to “June 28, 1990: Tina’s boyfriend; Azzedine”

  1. No video? However nice recording, even if the quality is not very good. Better than nothing, hein? And it can worse than this. This was the first song I knew of Tina. Thank you guys :-).


  2. Me encanta cada vez que ustedes me brindan algo de Tina y especialmente cosas que no tenía,Muchas gracias.( esta grabación es inédita para mi, y suena como familiar, de entre casa.


  3. Loving so much the Foreign Affair-Era related posts, I can’t even tell. This live recording is so beautiful. And I loved the flower and spam stories about Tina’s 1990 Tour. The Look Me In The Heart single photo session and the video interview before the Tour were also AMAZING. WOW. I think the Foreign Affair Era is the favorite one for the majority of Tina’s fans. It was the climax of her career. She never looked or sounded better than in the 1989-1990 years. The 1993 What’s Love Era was also amazing, like a Foreign Affair Era Part Two (just look at the great ’93 Tour). Those were the best Tina years for me. Thank you so much for the amazing, incredible and best Tina Blog ever.


    1. “She never…sounded better than in the 1989-1990 years.”

      You sure about that, T-ROX?

      I submit that the best singing Tina has ever done was at the end of her Millennium Tour in 2000, and for about seven years after (alas, only seven studio recordings were made between that tour and the 2008-09 tour.)

      Her singing ‘technique’ (the actual physical body mechanics a singer uses to produce singing) went through a metamorphosis in the Fall leg of her 2000 tour. I don’t know how to say it better — a metamorphosis. Here are links to some samples of what I am calling her New Millennium Technique:


      What say you, T-ROX? You like?


  4. This is one of my favourite songs from the foreign affair album, along with falling like rain. The best Tina albums are foreign affair and private dancer. Great look, songs and concerts. I love all of Tina’s concerts, they are all so viberant and feel good.


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