Even rock stars get tired and need a break some time – and so do we! So, we are taking the month of July off for a much needed holiday and to create some new posts for The Tina Turner Blog. But don’t worry: we’ll be back in the beginning of August with new updates, and hopefully we’ll have some more Tina news soon. And if there happens to be some exciting Tina news in the next few weeks – we’ll try to update our website as quickly as possible. Until that time – enjoy this photo of Erwin & Tina enjoying a walk in the Forbidden City in Beijing last May.

25 Replies to “Enjoy the summer!”

  1. Happy holiday from Spain.
    Si me quereis seguir, me podeis encontrar en Twitter:JennyMTC o en Facebook: Jenny Somoza
    Follow me!


  2. Thx for all your great updates – so Tina is always with us 🙂
    I wish you a beautiful summer with fun, love, peace and sun – enjoy it!
    Greetings from Vienna ♥


  3. Have a great holiday Ben and Sjef. Thanks for a all the hard work you put into this blog. I’m sure Tina is proud 🙂


    1. Ha ha, nevermind, ignore my comment. It appears that I got Tina Turner and Whitney Houston mixed up and so I thought this whole thing was a joke. I don’t typically follow mainstream media, so I guess I remembered recent news incorrectly. My bad.


  4. Bonjour et surtout bonnes vacances! Vous faites un travail sur ce blog qui est exceptionnel. J’y jette un coup d’oeil tous les matins. C’est LE site qui manquait aux fans du monde entier. Encore Bravo et mille merci.


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