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Children Beyond – the spiritual music project of Tina Turner, Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay – has launched a new online campaign. They have joined Pledge Music in order to share their message with as many people as possible. On this website, you can make donations, and order limited products (such as a signed album or a trip to Zurich), to support the Beyond project. All the proceeds will go to the Beyond Foundation. By joining the Pledge campaign, you will be able to support the many charities focused on children and spirituality, and ensure the continuation of the Beyond project. Pledge is a great way for Children Beyond to reach as many people as possible: let’s make it a success!


15 Replies to “Join the Children Beyond Pledge campaign!”

  1. You are back home guys? I hope you had a nice holiday :-)! The project itself doesn’t interest me much, I do not like spirutiual things. But signed things of Tina Turner? That sounds more interesting to me. But so far there is nothing that I would buy.


    1. Hi Lousina, yes back home but still on holiday! But the Plegde campaign started now and they asked us to post something. So since we think it’s a project that deserves to be supported we have updated the blog! And really you should give it a try, both Beyond albums are great 😉 But of course we’ll be back with our regular Tina posts in August!


  2. I pledged for the original Beyond and the signed copy of Beyond II.Its a good cause and I have’nt got anything signed by Tina. So suits me.



  3. Hello everyone, I just pleged for the new version of the CD Children Beyond with a DVD. I can´t wait so much that adding more money time after time 🙂 COME ON FANS, we can do it.


    PS: And thanks to Ben and Sjef because without their add I would have never known about this offer. Well done again 😉


  4. I made 3 pledges for several copies of the CD. Shipping however is too high when you order more than one copy. I am surprised the pledging is going so slow… Maybe not a suitable way to promote these kid of releases. Wish this new edition was just available from Amazon…


  5. Where is everyone??? Come on guys- its a worthy cause. You paid a lot more for Tina concert tickets -and even spent on more than 1 show- so why not pledge even Eur10 ? There has only been 40 pledges-only 19% of what is needed and only 53 Days left.


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