Tina Turner birthday fan party 2012

We’re very happy to announce that we will again organize a Tina Turner fan party to celebrate Tina’s birthday this year! The party will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (for the third year in a row) at bar The Queen’s Head. Because the birthday is on a Monday this year (November 26), we decided to move the date slightly, to better accommodate all the international travelers. The event will now be held on Saturday, November 24 – starting at 8 PM. We will have a special performer, Tina music all night long, a few surprises, and of course many Tina fans travelling to Amsterdam from all over the world. So please make sure you join us! Check out the page for the party here for all the details. See you in Amsterdam!



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10 responses to “Tina Turner birthday fan party 2012

  1. Cu all there! Again!

  2. I’d love to but I arrived that day, have fun. and so to sing there, tina

  3. Ciao TINA TURNER ti faccio i miei auguri di un felice compleanno e di passare una felice giornata con i tuoi amici . Ma ti vorrei dire una cosa che tu perrme sarai sempre SIMPLY THE BEST ciè la migliore cantante del mondo intero che ha saputo scrivere delle canzzoni scritte con il cuore e con la passione che mette ogni giorno della giornata e ti mando un grande baccio e I LOVE YOU FOREVER . Ciao dal tuo grande fan da sempre mia unica TINA TURNER .

  4. i would love to be there at that day ,

  5. carmen blanchard

    Oh my goodness, I’m new to this blog stuff, but if by chance you get this Tina, I love you and I admire you.

  6. rytz martina

    omg i will a ticket.
    where can i have a ticket?

  7. Nielsen Saul Ben Karaim

    Do you know what kind of buddhism Tina is?
    Is she Shoshu or Gakkai?
    Thanks a lot

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