“You have to use your imagination”

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“Spirituality comes from a place inside of you. I don’t know where it is, I wish I would. You have to use your imagination. You have to make a connection, to become one to one with the body and the mind.”

Tina Turner (2012)

Source: Beyond Facebook page

7 Replies to ““You have to use your imagination””

  1. It’s in the bible Tina. Everybody has a spiritual inclination. You admitted Tina you did not know where the spirituality comes from. Well it comes from your Grand Creator, the Almighty God Jehovah, find him Tina, he wants you 🙂 Acts 17;24-31* 🙂


    1. finding it in the bible is not the same as finding in in yourself. Jesus also didn´t find it in the bible. to experience the Almighty or to read about the experience of someone else are essentially different things. and that´s the danger in all the revelational religions. it is the reason for their bloody history. it is a history of replacing an intimate experience (as result of weary own steps) with the adepting of the revelation (the experience of someone else (no own steps are needed).


  2. Hello team! Thank for this topic. So far people have avoided to leave comments or they don’t know what to do with it… Well, Tina’s spiritual way connects with Tina the artist, I think. So, if we enjoy the artist so much, we also should
    give value to this side of her. Also, there is nothing new, Tina is following ancient ways of thinking. And it seems to work so well with her it leaves the question: there must be some value in it.


    1. Indeed, it is a difficult topic and a theme some fan prefers to avoid but i think we should just take it as it comes and deal with it the way we want to. Everybody is entitled to his own opinion but i think it doesn’t make of Tina a less good artist because she used to do Rock. As you said, it’s another side of her, she stated once that she wanted to share her knowledge of Buddhism in her later life; that’s what she is doing now.


  3. Tina você é muito especial em minha vida. Meu sonho é conhecer você pessoalmente e abraçá-la muito e lhe falar que eu amo você infinitamente. Desejo muita luz para a sua vida. Beijos…..


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