Tina Turner – Beyond quote 2012

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  1. Thank you for sending me a (piece) & peace that I hadn’t heard in a long while. Now, it’s like a routine. I feel like a weight has been lessened , but you know what I learned instantly, I’ve CAN’T GIVE UP!!! It’s up to me to make the shift!
    It’s like the game “4 quarter & we’re tie , just like that I CAN’T QUIT!! So I continue singing and walking , haven’t quite gotten the step in my walk 😀 yet but it will come!
    Yesterday was my birthday 54 woke up I saw another grey hair , another wrinkle and forgotten what I was getting?? But thought to myself I accepted ALL OF ME!
    In that moment GRADITUDE FLASHED IN MY THOUGHT 💡 jaja had an Oprah moment ~“Ahah”!!!!
    It’s been very Positive and Happy I feel it , it’s weird super simple Sing and Listen?!?!
    So Ms Tuner,
    so thanks again don’t get me wrong my load is there it’s just a whole less and because of me and Beyond I know it’s a path in the right direction! I just know it!!
    Veronica Garcia


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