Tina Turner flew into Dubrovnik, Croatia today – to spend some holidays there on the “Lady Marina” yacht. See the video below of Tina arriving, and continue reading for photos.

“American singer Tina Turner arrived in the southern Adriatic resort of Dubrovnik on Wednesday aboard a private jet and later boarded the Lady Marina yacht, where she will spend her holidays with friends. The Lady Marina is one of the 100 biggest yachts in the world. It is owned by Swiss millionaire Sergio Mantegazza.”

Update: continue reading for another video, thanks to Nikola!

Update: Daily Mail‘ article about Tina on her vacation!

Source: dulist.hr

36 Replies to “Holidays in Croatia (updated)”

    1. Well you can’t really say that Tina is chased by the paparazzi…She knew that being on this part of the boat she could be spot by photographers (could even be someone on the yacht that gave the paparazzi a tip)..
      She was clever enough to talk to them and give them what they wanted and they probably left shortly after…Not such a big deal if you ask me, and she is probably aware that her fans will see those photos and that she is still in good shape.
      Hopefully, she is probably gonna spend more time on the yacht far from people eys 😉


      1. Ha ha, yes, that’s true, but we Dutch are too down to earth to say that, right? If you are interested in the boats, I can send you a ‘fleet brochure’ if you like it Ben & Sjef, just send me your postal address.



  1. OMG!!! It’s Tina Turner! ❤ Great to see her well and very happy. Loves the little singing she does. She still got it! Thanks a bunch for sharing this.


    1. Summertime, summertime da da da… ( its been stuck in my head now. :-)) And that famous and infectious laugh of Tina Turner. Love it!!! Thanks again.


  2. Merci Ben & Sjef pour les photos et les vidéos. Là en voyant Tina, j’ai une forme olympique débordante. Je suis prêt à danser The best avec la chorégraphie. Encore, encore un spécial merci pour les infos. Je vous embrasse les amis.


  3. Reblogged this on Essence of Dubrovnik and commented:
    The rich and famous often visit Dubrovnik during our season. Personally I do not impressed by many, however when the exciting 72 year grandmother arrived, I was very impressed!


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