Tina Turner was among the guests at the Opera Ball in Zurich in 2001. She was wearing the same Gianfranco Ferre dress that she wore for her 50th birthday in London in 1989 (photo above), but in a different color. She explains that when she bought it, she couldn’t decide on the color, so she took both, and that the dress had been hanging in her closet ever since. Watch this Swiss TV report to learn more about this event and to see Tina having a blast with Erwin and her friends!

17 Replies to “Tina Turner: Queen of the Ball”

  1. i donΒ΄t know that she was at the opernball in 2001. always thought in 2005 was her first visit at this ball event. thanks for sharing this new footage for me:))


  2. Tina looks amazing in both dresses. I couldn’t understand most of the video, but I could understand Tina! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wow. She looks gorgeous in this video. After her Twenty Four Seven Tour, she really had a rest, ’cause in 1999/2000 she was looking so tired that it was a great surprise to see her so well in 2001. She is such a beauty and her energy is amazing.


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